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Description: This service allows pet owners who no longer want to take care of their pets to surrender them to DVMF.

1  Client/s: Owners of pets to be surrendered
2  Contact Person/s: Suzett Galinggaling
                                    Ma. Antonia J. Zamora
                                    233-5675 / 232-4483
3  Location: Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries (DVMF)
                      North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
4  Availability: Monday-Friday / 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
5  Duration of the Service: 1 day and 2 minutes
6  Requirements: Letter of request addressed to: Dr. Alice T. Utlang, City Veterinarian, stating: client's name, address, telephone number, number of pets to be surrendered and reason why pets are being surrendered

7  Procedure in Availing the Service:

Follow these steps...
Wait while Person-in-charge...
It will take...
1. Submit letter of request or directly call DVMF. Ask questions regarding request Suzett A. Galinggaling 1 min.
2. Ask whether the pets will be picked up or if you will be the one to bring them to the City Pound. Schedules the pick up 1 min.
3. Wait for the scheduled date of pick up for the pets or for you to bring them to the City Pound on the agreed date. Picks up the surrendered pet 1 day

This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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