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Civil Documents - How to Apply for Marriage License

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Description: This service caters to filing for marriage license as a pre requisite for marriage, judicial decrees and legal instruments updating records on file and keep and preserve them per Administrative Order 1, s. 1993 of Act 3753.

1  Client/s: Both or Any of the couple must be a resident of Cebu City
2  Contact Person/s: Atty. Evangeline T. Abatayo, Civil Registrar
                                    Louella N. Dejito, Registration Officer
                                    (032) 232-6664
3  Location: Office of the City Civil Registrar (OCCR), Cebu City
4  Availability: Monday-Friday / 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
5  Duration of the Service: 11 days & 45 minutes
6  Requirement/s:
                                a) At least (2) valid ID of applying couple upon their personal appearance (strictly required);
                                b) Valid ID of parents upon personal appearance (strictly required) and fill-up of Parental Consent (For 18-21 years old) or Parental Advice (for 22-25 years old) duly verified and taken oath to in front of the Civil Registrar (5-20 mins.) which must be signed if identity is affirmed.
                                c) Accomplished Parental Consent or Parental Advise (for those couples who are required)
                                d) Birth Certificate (NEW) – 1 original & 2 photocopies;
                                e) Certificate of Attendance to Pre-Marriage Seminar by CHD- 1 original & 2 photocopies;
                                f) Cedula (Residence Certificate) with signature – 1 orig. & 2 photocopies;
                                g) Barangay Certificate – 1 original & 2 photocopies
                                h) CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage, issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO))- 1 orig. & 2 photocopies;

                               Additional Documents for WIDOW / WIDOWER:
                               1. Death Certificate of deceased spouse, issued by the Local Civil Registrar or National Statistics Office – 1 orig. & 2 photocopies;
                               2. CENOMAR issued by National Statistics Office – 1 orig. & 2 photocopies;

                               Additional Documents for those with ANNULLED MARRIAGE:
                               1. Certificate of Finality of Annulment, Issued by the Court – 1 orig. & 2 photocopies;
                               2. Certificate of Registration from the Civil Registrar who registered the Annulment papers – 1 orig. & 2 photocopies;
                               Additional Documents for FOREIGN APPLICANTS:
                               1. PASSPORT I.D. – 2 photocopies (present the original for counterchecking)
                               2. Stamped or Printed DATE OF ARRIVAL (Latest) on the passport – 2 photocopies
                               3. Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry issued by the foreigner’s diplomatic official in the Philippines – 1 original & 2 photocopies;
                               4. (FOR DIVORCED APPLICANTS) – Divorce Decree (translated if in non-English content);
                               5. If foreigner is a widow/widower, same requirements above apply;
                               6. If applicant is naturalized citizen, Naturalization Papers – 2 photocopies (present original for counterchecking)
6  Fee/s:
                                For Filipino Applicant:
                               Seminar Fee ................... P 100.00
                               Marriage Application ....... P 100.00
                               Marriage License Fee ..... P 50.00
                                For Foreign Applicant:
                               Legal Capacity Registration … P 1,000.00
                               Seminar Fee ................... P 100.00
                               Marriage Application ....... P 100.00
                               Marriage License Fee ..... P 50.00

7  Procedure in Availing the Service:

Follow these steps...
Wait while Person-in-charge...
It will take...
1. Proceed to City Health or HRDO to get the schedule for Pre-Marriage Seminar Informs client of the schedule of the Pre- Marriage Seminar. CHD Personnel 3 min.
2. Pay at Window 3. Issues Official Receipt (OR). CTO personnel 10 min.
3. Attend Pre-Marriage Seminar on scheduled date by CHD & DSWS. Bring O.R. (please see Orientation-Marriage counseling service.) Facilitates Pre–Marriage Seminar. CHD Personnel 1 day
4. Get Application Form for Marriage License (Form 90) during seminar. Gives you Form 90. Manuelito Fajardo,
(2nd Floor, Marriage Section)
5 min.
5. Get Certificate of Attendance after seminar. Gives you Certificate of Attendance of the Pre–Marriage Seminar. CHD Personnel 7 min.
6. Fill-up information on Application for Marriage License, attach supporting documents and submit to Marriage Section. Receives and assesses form and attached documents. Arlene Basalo 10 min.
7. Submit filled out form and documents.
8. Get claim slip with schedule for return. Issues Claim Slip. 5 min.
9. Wait for Posting Period to transpire 9.1. Post names.
9.2. Issues Marriage License.
10 days
10. Get Marriage License and copies of application from Marriage section Releases Marriage License. Rosienisa Agot 5 min.

This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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