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Medical - Diagnosis and Treatment - How to Avail of a Check-up for Sick Infant and Young Children

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Medical - Diagnosis and Treatment
How to Avail of a Check-up for Sick Infant and Young Children
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Description: This is a strategy for sick children below five years old using a set of guidelines through “Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses” in the care of children to prevent severe health problems and deaths.

1  Client/s: Children who are 6-71 months old
2  Contact Person/s: Dr. Maria Theresa L. Tipgos
3  Location: Barangay Health Centers of Cebu City
4  Availability: Monday-Friday / 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                        Saturday 8:00AM -1:00PM
5  Duration of the Service: 43 minutes and 30 seconds
6  Requirement/s: For new clients: None
                              For Previous clients: ECCD card

7  Procedure in Availing the Service:

Follow these steps...
Wait while Person-in-charge...
It will take...
1. Get priority no. located at the Admission Area. For new clients, ECCD form. Instructs the client to wait for his no. to be called. BHW 30 sec.
2. Wait for your priority no. to be called up. Locates the record in the shelf and give it to the staff 10 min.
3. Hand in the ECCD card to the staff in-charge for admission 3.1. Receives the card, takes the vital sign and records it in the ECCD card & patient’s record
3.2. Submits the filled up forms to the admitting section
5 min.
4. Proceed to admitting section for history as to his condition/ illness Interviews client as to complaints and records findings in the ECCD card/ patient’s card PHN / PHM 10 min.
5. Submit for assessment and treatment Assesses and treats client MO / PHN / PHM 10 min.
6. Listen for health advices and instructions Gives health advices and instructs on return visit. 5 min.
7. For severe disease conditions, you will be referred to the hospital. Makes referral slip for hospital. 3 min.

        MO - Medical Officer
        BHW - Barangay Health Worker
        PHN - Public Health Nurse
        PHM - Public Health Midwife

This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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