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Other Social Welfare Services - How to Get PWD Medicine Slip Booklet

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How to Get PWD Medicine Slip Booklet
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Description: This service is available to all PWD residents of Cebu City. The objective is to provide the Persons with Disability the right to avail the Slip booklet in order for them to avail the twenty percent discount (20%) medicine purchase as mandated in the administrative order No. 2009-0011 amending the act known as R.A. 9442 Magna Carta for Disabled Person.

1  Client/s: Persons with Disability - Cebu City
2  Contact Person/s: Celina Dacoco
                                       262-5163 / 261-8595
3  Location: OPDA c/o Department of Social Welfare Services (DSWS)
                      Katipunan, Labangon, Cebu City
4  Availability: Monday-Friday / 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
5  Duration of the Service: 33 minutes
6  Requirement/s: PWD ID Card

7  Procedure in Availing the Service:

Follow these steps...
Wait while Person-in-charge...
It will take...
1. Submit I.D. card. Receives the PWD I.D. card/s Virginia L. Piccio 2 min.
2. Wait for the issued slip booklet. Records data in the logbook 1 min.
3. Get the slip booklet. Releases the slip booklets 30 min.

This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.

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