Brgy. Labangon

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Brgy. Labangon
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    Barangay Chairman Hon. Victor M. Buendia
    Councilor Hon. Zenaida Amores
    Councilor Hon. Rudolfo Tabasa
    Councilor Hon. Ian Anthony Osmeña
    Councilor Hon. Faustino Masong Jr.
    Councilor Hon. Norvic Abella
    Councilor Hon. Ronald Q. Dagatan
    Councilor Florentino Tudtud


The word Labangon comes from the root word “Labangon” which means “to cross” . Early setters found the place difficult to cross because of the river that separate Labangon from San Nicolas. The only way to reach Labangon was to cross the river with a bamboo raft.

It was Labangon, particularly on the once sugarcane field owned by Jacinto Pacaña, where the plans for the Katipunan uprising in Cebu during the Spanish rule was mapped out. It was also in the same barangay exactly on Veleriano Weyler St. now Tres De Abril, where Leon Kilat led an uprising against the Spaniards on 03 April 1898.


Labangon is one of the largest barangay in Cebu City with an area of 1,095 sqa. Km. The timezone in Labangon is Asia/ Manila. Sunrise is at 05: 33 AM and Sunset is at 17:55 PM. Latitude is 10.3044444 Degrees and Longtituted is 123.87 Degrees. The weather is warm and tropical with temperature at around 30 Degrees Celsius or 86 Degrees Fahrenheit.


It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to reach Labangon from the Cebu City Hall or Basilica del Santo Niño via jeepney. An average of 10-15 minutes is what it takes to reach Labangon from either Uptown area or Downtown area also via jeepney.


As of 2007 census of the National Statistics Office of Cebu City, Barangay Labangon ranked fifth in the most populous areas with a total population of 29,471.


Hon. Victor M. Buendia envisions Labangon to be the friendliest, most accommodating, most efficient, and most responsive barangay in Cebu City, under his term.

Today, one does not have to maneuver a bamboo raft to get to Labangon. Wide and paved concrete roads lead people to its different areas. Business establishment that lined up on the streets give proof that Labangon is now a very booming barangay.

The street along Katipunan, where the public market is located, is considered the hub of commerce and trade in the barangay. Other areas are also locations for specialized industry like furniture-making, shellcraft, and woodcraft, to name a few. The presence of giant firms like Covergys, a BPO company, provides job opportunities to the locals.

High-end subdivision and villages as well as numerous schools abound in Labangon to answer increasing demands of the people for better standards of living.


  • Cebu Veterans Cemetery
  • Remedios Parish Church
    A. Lopez St. Labangon
  • Sovereign Grace Bible Church
    Happy Valley Labangon
    Phone: (032) 261-8831


  • ABSobrerano International Inc (ABS International)
  • Convergys Corporation
    R. Arcenas St.
    Arcenas Estate, Banawa Hills
  • Paseo de San Ramon
    R. Arcenas St.
    Arcenas Estate, Banawa Hills


  • Cebu City SDA Elementary School
    400 Tres de Abril St., Labangon
    Phone: (032) 418-6776
  • Cebu South Hills School
    132 Salvador Ext., Labangon
    Phone: (032) 414-8867
  • One World Montessori
    R. Duterte St. Labangon
  • Marianne Childhood Education Center
    722 Tres de Abril St., Labangon
    Phone: (032) 261-3402
  • Labangon Elementary School
    Katipunan St., Labangon
    Phone: (032) 261-2696
  • Labangon Bliss Elementary School
    Balaga Drive Labangon
  • SIT- Salazar Institute of Technology
    211 N. Bacalso Ave., Cebu City
    Phone: (032) 261-0233
  • CIT- Cebu Institute of Technology
    N. Bacalso Ave., Cebu City
  • Cebu City National Science High School
    Salvador St., Labangon
    Phone: (032) 261-2802
  • Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. Memorial High School
    Balaga Drive Labangon
    Phone: (032) 417-7102

Passenger Utility Jeepney (PUJ) Routes

  • 12A - Labangon - Highway - Panganiban - Carbon - vice versa
  • 12B - Labangon - Highway - Sikatuna - Cathedral/Sto Niño - vice versa
  • 12C - Labangon - Highway - Panginaban - Colon - vice versa
  • 12D - Labangon - Highway - Junquera - Colon
  • 12E - Labangon - Highway - San Carlos - Sikatuna - SM
  • 12F - Labangon - Tabo-an - Carbon - Manalili
  • 12G - Labangon - Tabo-an - Colon - SM
  • 12I - Labangon - Highway - Panganiban - Colon - SM
  • 12J - Labangon - Highway - Junquera - Colon - SM
  • 12L - Labangon - V.Rama/Fuente Osmeña/Mango - CIC - Ayala
  • 12M - same route as 12B but will pass through Leon Kilat St. when returning to Labangon


  • Labangon Barangay Hall
    Katipunan Labangon
    Phone: (032) 260-2285
  • Labangon Fire Station
    Katipunan, Labangon beside Barangay Hall
  • Labangon Health Center
    Phone: (032) 261-2680
  • Labangon Public Market
    Katipunan, Labangon
  • Labangon Sports Complex/Gym
    Katipunan, Labangon
  • Department of Social Welfare and Services (DSWS)
    Phone: (032) 261-7986


Name of Project Status Funding/Cost
Rip-rap Labangon Lungon Creek Ongoing Php 6.3 M
Drainage Labangon Bliss Subd. Ongoing 1.22M
Labangon Bliss Elem.Sch. Drainage Ongoing 974,007
Labangon Market POWE ready For funding
Labangon old Barangay Hall POWE ready For funding
Labangon Sports Complex POWE ready For funding
Don Sergio High School Drainage Incoming Project 435,000
Katipunan St. Drainage Incoming Project 215,000
DSWD Drainage Incoming Project 310,000
Sitio Nasube Drainage Incoming Project 300,000
Rosalina Village Drainage Incoming Project 232,132
Labangon Lupa Canal-drainage To be started soon
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