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  1. Meeting w/ slaughterhouse owners, lechon dealers and meat processors at Chowking Colon in cooperation w/ Mantek Inc.. Agenda was about Hygiene and Sanitation and H1N1 virus.
  2. Acted on the issue raised by private abattoirs owner regarding the use of “uling” as fuel for grilling of lechon, DENR personnel was invited in a meeting.
  3. Conducted a meeting w/ dressed chicken dealers & suppliers together w/ NMIS Director regarding Laws & Regulation of Meat Inspection & Guidelines as to trading of dressed chicken w/ in the City.
  4. Assisted in the facilitation of the Seminar on Licensing of Livestock, Poultry by Products handlers and Accreditation of Livestock Poultry conducted by the Department of Agriculture.
  5. Allowed only registered meat delivery vehicles to haul meat carcass w/ in Cebu City ( 26 registered vehicles)
  6. Attended SPRING Training. Public Health Division was represented in which the case study conducted aimed to improve one of its services. The case study proposal was approved and duly implemented.
  7. Retooling of Meat Inspectors and Dep. Meat Inspectors last October 5-7, 2009 in coordination with National Meat Inspection Service.

(January - December 2009)
  1. Number of Animals inspected & re-inspected in CCMA and Private Abattoirs
    Inspected Animals in CCMA Inspected Animals
    Swine 80, 000 Swine 87, 263
    Carabao 2, 000 Carabao 2, 507
    Cattle 22, 000 Cattle 22, 615
    Horse 1, 200 Horse 1, 289
    Goat 31, 000 Goat 32, 702
    Chicken 5, 400 Chicken 8, 259
    Re-Inspected Animals in CCMA Re-Inspected Animals
    Chicken 3, 400, 000 Chicken 3, 515, 400
    Hog 600 Hog 660
    Cattle 120 Cattle 227
    Inspected in Private Abattoirs
    Swine 121, 800 Swine 138, 479
    Dressed Chicken 790, 000 Dressed Chicken 682, 090

  2. Summary of confiscated commodities
    Lechon Baboy 6Hds.
    Lechon Manok 11Hds.
    Dressed Chicken 841Hds.
    Native Dressed Chicken 117Hds.
    Hog Carcass 9Hds.
    Pork Meat 48kls.
    Goat meat 108kls.
    Beef Meat 3, 875kls.
    "Narik" 99.2kls.
    • All confiscated “hot meat” were donated to charitable institutions (such as Pari-an Drop In Center & Gasa sa Gugma) and Cebu Zoo. Those that are found to be unfit for human and animal consumption were properly disposed of.
    • Collected P16,000.00 as penalty fee for confiscated commodities per City Ordinance #2189.

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