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Other Accomplishments

Aside from being a law-making body which is the inherent function of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, it is likewise vested under the law with other equally important responsibilities which form part of its overall mandate.  For one, the Constituent Service mandate of the City Council allows it to perform, to some extent, some executive and even quasi-judicial functions occurring largely outside the formal legislative process and pursuant to the overriding concern for the general welfare.

By virtue of this Constituent Service mandate, the 11th Sangguniang Panlungsod was able to perform some notable accomplishments for the past year.  This report, however, does not attempt to provide the specific details of the accomplishments nor pretend to portray/narrate all the respective accomplishments as the Office begs to defer to the concerned council member, through his/her respective office, to make a comprehensive report on the matter.

Outside of their mandated legislative functions, the following are some other notable accomplishments of the 11th Sangguniang Panlungsod:

  • Settlement of Barangay Boundary Dispute (Lahug and Luz)

Pursuant to its mandate as outlined in the Local Government Code, the City Council had formally tried the boundary dispute between Barangay Luz and Barangay Lahug pursuant to a formal complaint filed by Barangay Luz.  The trial of the case happen, as a matter of course, considering that, despite efforts to do so, no amicable settlement was reached between the contending parties.

Trial is still on-going with the complainant already resting its case. The next hearing will already be for the presentation of evidence for the respondent barangay.

  • Disaster Prevention and Response activities
  • Dengue Prevention Activities
  • Other Committee Initiated Activities
  1.  Solid Waste Management Program
  2.  Sanitary Landfill Improvement Project
  3.  Health Care Benefits for qualified beneficiaries
  4.  Sports Activities
  5. Youth Development Programs
  6.  Job Placement Programs
  7. Training and Manpower Development
  8. Facilitate the conduct of Mass Weddings
  9. Conducted barangay level pulong-pulong in aid of its legislative functions
  10. Facilitated for the electrification of some remote upland barangays

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