When applying for a building permit, you have to secure a copy (or download forms below) then fill out these six (6) basic permit application forms:

  1. Application for Building Permit  [Download]
  2. Electrical Permit  [ Download]
  3. Mechanical Permit  [ Download]
  4. Plumbing or Sanitary Permit  [Download]
  5. Civil/Structural Permit  [Download]
  6. Architectural Permit  [Download]


Other than what was stated above, you also have to comply with the following:

  1. Locational Clearance from Zoning
  2. 6 Sets Building Plans
  3. 4 copies Barangay Clearance
  4. 4 copies Lot Title - Certified True Copy
  5. 4 copies Lot Tax Declaration (if untitled)
  6. 4 copies Lot Sketch Plan
  7. 4 copies Recent Realty Tax Clearance
  8. 4 copies Specifications
  9. 4 copies Bill of Materials & Estimates


Then there are also various permits that you may be asked to fulfill depending on the need:

  1. Application for Certificate of Occupancy  [Download]
  2. Application for Change of Use or Occupancy  [Download]
  3. Demolition Permit  [Download]
  4. Electronics Permit  [Download]
  5. Excavation and Ground Preparation Permit  [Download]
  6. Fencing Permit  [Download]
  7. Permit for Temporary Service Connection  [Download]
  8. Scaffolding Permit  [Download]
  9. Sidewalk Construction Permit  [Download]
  10. Sign Permit  [Download]
  11. Temporary Sidewalk Enclosure and Occupancy Permit  [Download]