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Government officials and business group from the Yokohama City are now in Cebu City for a 3-day Joint Survey Mission focusing on technical cooperation on Sustainable Urban Development of Cebu City.

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama hosted a welcome lunch together with Yokohama Government officials headed by Director General Norihiko Nomura and the business group at the Social Hall, Cebu City Hall. 

The city, together with Mayor Rama, hopes for a long-lasting relationship with our sister city which is the Yokohama City of Japan.

Mr. Nomura said that with this partnership, Yokohama and Cebu City could achieve a sustainable urban development.

The Yokohama delegates also visited the waste water facility in the North Reclamation Area, Mahiga Creek and also met with Provincial governor Gwen Garcia and Metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board this afternoon. Cebu City government, in their part, also presented the major challenges in its urban development.

By: Gessa Marie Gunhuran