Youth Summit

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For their upcoming Cebu Young Leaders’ Summit, the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance met with Cebu City Mayor Michael L. Rama to seek the support from the Cebu City Government.

In their courtesy call, the group headed by ABS-CBN Reporter Rachel Dangin appealed to the Mayor to provide their participants coming from the different parts of Metro Cebu a venue for their next year’s activity.

As a vocal and avid supporter of youth groups and their activities, Mayor Rama pledged to offer the facilities of CREMDEC located at barangay Taptap for the three-day activity this coming May 2011.

youth_summit Cebu City Mayor Michael L. Rama poses with the youth leaders of the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance who will having their youth summit next year.

There will be around 80 participants who will converge for the said activity.

Mayor Rama expressed his appreciation of the group’s initiative and welcomes any future activities that may seek for the city government’s support.

According to the Mayor, the country needs compassionate future leaders in order to improve the plight of our people. Such activity is just what the youth should be exposed to, the Mayor added.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 January 2011 15:38