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Walk for CCMC' nagmalampuson

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(CEBU CITY - Public Information Office) Gisugdan ang Walk for CCMC sayo sa buntag, Sabado, Hulyo 26, 2014. Gipangunahan ni ang higayon ni Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella kuyog ni Konsehal Mary Ann De Los Santos. Nitambong sad usab ang uban mga department heads, mga empleyado sa City Hall, mga nagkalainlaing barangay ug mga uban pang groupo.

Sa mensahe ni Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella, ni ingon siya na “One single small step can make a big leap for CCMC.”

Sa mensahe ni Konsehal De Los Santos ni ingon siya na bangonon ang CCMC bag-o mag 2016 ug nahisgutan niya na naka kuha na ug 500000 dollars na pledges si Mayor Michael Rama didto sa Estados Unidos.

Mga kapin 10 mil ka tao ang ni tambong sa walk for CCMC ug ang rehisrasyon naka abot katunga sa million pesos.

Naay sunod pa na Walk for CCMC na buhaton sa Sept. 27 ug kuyog na ani mga students, civic groups ug uban pang organization. Ang ni rehistro na sa unang Walk din a kailangan mo rehistro balik. Dili undangon hangtod maka kuha ug 100K ka mga partisipante.

Ang Walk ga sugod sa Plaza Sugbo ug didto ni human sa karaang CCMC. Ni human ang programa sa pag buhi ug kabakaba para symbol sa pagkahiusa.

CCENRO implements city's sustainable environmental ordinances

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CebuCityPIO: The Cebu Cty Environment and Natural Resources Office (CCENRO) is basically a new department in the city government which was created through City Ordinance No. 2234 with an office located at the second floor of Ramos Public Market, Cebu City.

Engr. Randy Navarro, the OIC Head of CCENRO shared that the office is mandated to functions as the implementing arms of various sustainable environmental ordinances of the city and to take charge of the information, research, planning, implementation, management, monitoring, enforcement and its evaluation program. 

CCENRO also caters to various services, projects and activities pertaining to environment such as urban forestry management and development, which includes tree planting and tree growing, integrated solid waste management system, water treatment, air pollution, energy conservation and management, water resource management, and noise pollution.

Navarro also sets as member of the various special bodies that deals with the management of the solid waste and the protection and preservation of the environment such as the Solid Waste Management Board, Coastline Management Board, Cebu City Rivers Management Council, Hillyland Management Board and Cebu City Mining Board among others. 

Here are the various city ordinances and laws that covers CCENRO's mandates, to wit:

City Ordinance No. 2243 - An ordinance requiring all persons operating or doing business within the teritorial jurisdiction of the city of cebu for the mandatory submision of the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (ESAP) upon securing or renewing business and or mayor’s permit and providing penalties for violation thereof (Please see sample of complied sheet). The CCENRO and the City Treasurer’s Office played a major roll of this ordinance. Program implemented August 2013.

City Ordinance No. 2343 – An ordinance regulating the use and sale plastic shopping bags every Saturday of the week in Cebu City. IRR yet for the approval of the city council but 90% of the selling businesses in the city already complied the law.

City Ordinance No. 2241 –The comprehensive anti smoking ordinance in the city of cebu thereby consolidating city ordinance 990entitled: An ordinance prohibiting the smoking of cigarettes, cigar, pipe or tobacco inside public utility vehicles in cebu city; ordinance 2128 as ammended intitled: “An ordinance prohibititng the smoking of cigarettes, cigar, pipe or tobacco inside public utility vehicles in ceby city” and ordiance 1895 entitled: “An ordinance regulating cigarettes, cigar, and pipe smoking within the confines of private or public places or establishments in cebu city.

City Ordinance No. 2031 – An ordinance requiring all individuals to disposed domestic waste using resepective receptacles(Biodegradable waste, Non-biodegradable waste, Recyclables, and Hazardous waste) and the proper disposal of waste on the the respective day of collection (like Sundays, Mondays, Wedenesdays, Thursdays, Fridays for biodegradable waste and Tuesdays and Saturdays for non-bio).

City Ordinance No. 1361 – An ordinance requiring to clean sorrounding areas 5.0 meters from the nearest unenclosed residences, vendor stalls and comercial establishments ; to put-up proper waste receptacle for unclosed residences, vendor stalls and comercial establishments; spitting, urinating, and defacating in public places, littering, posting grafitti, posters, handbills on walls, scatterign garbage from reciptacles, no proper receptacle for animal drawn vehicles and non-collection of animal discharges by the owner.

The Republic Act 9003 – Also known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. Waste segregation and reduction through composting and recycling with a materials recovery facility in the barangay.

Together with the Solid Waste Management Board, CCENRO will soon be submitting to the DILG Cebu City the Cebu City 10-Year Solid Waste Management Plan for the year 2014 to 2024. (PR w/ elite)


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CebuCityPIO: There are many reasons why many micro and small enterprises fared disadvantageously compared to the larger enterprises in terms of business ventures’ performance and foremost of these are the lack of skill in managing the financial affairs of those ventures and insufficiency of capital.

Financial literacy along with other business skills is necessary in the conduct of business today. Education and formal training in the technical fields of business, particularly accounting, finance, marketing, and law are essential in today’s competitive times. 

These entrepreneurs need a minimum level of competence in handling or managing their finances such as monitoring of profit and loss, cash planning and control and access to source of low interest funding or loans to be able to succeed. A poor financial plan and poor management can be major causes of new business failures. The lack of financial planning together with poor financial practices can destroy a business, even if a good market opportunity exists.

In celebration of the Cebu City MSMED Week on July 21-25, 2014, the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) headed by its President, Ms. Tess B. Chan together with the Cebu City MSMED Council, chaired by Hon. James Anthony R. Cuenco and in cooperation with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas – Cebu, the Cebu Bankers Club and participanting financial institutions: Land Bank of the Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands, BPI Family Savings Bank, Rizal Banking Corporation, Development Bank of the Philippines, Philexim, Cebu CFI Community Cooperative and many others, as partners will conduct a Business Seminar-Workshop on Financial Management for Micro an Small Enterprises and Access to Microfinance on July 24, 2014 at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Cebu Banking Hall. Institutions offering financial access to micro & small enterprises will be participating in this event, thus, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and showcasing of different products/services that are available today.

This activity will kick off and pave the way to the series of seminars and workshops that the chamber shall undertake this year to develop and strengthen the capabilities of the micro, small and medium enterprises, thereby, providing more opportunities towards growth and sustainability in light of the impending economic integration of the ASEAN economies by 2015. 

Expected outcomes of these activities are the following:

Basic Financial Education to empower both the intellect and morale of the micro and small entrepreneurs by introducing them on the basic measurement of income that will help them make more timely and wiser decisions for their enterprise.
Low Cost Funding for the needs and circumstances of the micro and small entrepreneurs, with loan packages with smaller annual interest rates compared to the existing ones while maintaining the inherent advantages of informal transaction like flexibility of loans, payment period and loanable amount. 
Provide Linkages to help respond to the needs of the micro and small entrepreneurs.


In consonance with the Philippines Magna Carta for MSME under Republic Act No. 9950 which enjoins LGUs to declare a week in July as MSMED Week with activities promoting MSMEs’ empowerment, the city government of Cebu will conduct the Cebu City SMEs Caravan on July 21-26, 2014 aimed to build capability and enhance competitiveness of MSMEs in Cebu, thereby increasing their contribution to the economy and generate more jobs.

These activities are all designed to support, assist, and uplift micro, small, and medium enterprises in Cebu City and are open to all MSMEs who maybe interested of the different trainings and seminars.
Date ACTIVITY Implementing Person / Agency 
July 21, 2014 Enterprise Development Seminar DTI
July 22, 2014 (AM) Food Safety Training DOST
July 22, 2014 (PM) Energy Management System DOST
July 24, 2014 Seminar-Workshop on Financial Management and Access for Micro and Small Enterprises CCCI
July 25, 2014 Enhancement of MSMEs’ Competitiveness in Greening Strategies c/o Hon. Nida Cabrera

July 29 is a holiday!

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(CEBU CITY - Public Information Office) Pursuant to the Presidential Proclamation Number 826, July 29, 2014 Tuesday is declared as a regular holiday throughout the country.

The holiday is based on Republic Act 9177 declaring Eid'l Fitr or Feast of Ramadhan as a regular holiday in respect for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Eid’l Fitr is celebrated by the Muslim World for three days after the end of the month of fasting.

President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Cojuangco Aquino III signed the proclamation today, July 14, Monday, 15 days prior to the said holiday.

Furthermore, the proclamations states that, "In order to bring the religious and cultural significance of the Eid’l Fitr to the fore of national consciousness, it is necessary to declare Tuesday, 29 July 2014, as a regular holiday throughout the country." (By: Greggy Jiggs P. Senados/Cebu City PIO)


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