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Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery Museum

Address: Basak Elem. School, Side Road, Basak-Pardo, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Tel. No.: (63-32) 261-6884
Featured Artist: Julian N. Jumalon
Curator: Mr. Osman Jumalon

The BUTTERFLY SACTUARY has provided the natural habitat of 56 butterfly species and scores of moths and associated fauna. By itself, a veritable botanical garden, it has grown within the 1,460 sq. m. compound more than 100 plant species, most serving as part of the life-support system of butterflies and moths in their larval and adult stages.

For a closer encounter, a limited number of visitors are allowed to get inside the four-square-meter breeding cage wherein they can have better photos and may have the luck of having some butterflies alighting on them, given the specific scent and season.

The ART GALLERY HOUSES the watercolor and “Lepido-mosaic” paintings of Prof. Julian N. Jumalon, a multi-medaled Fine Arts graduate of the University of the Philippines (Class 1936). The “Lepido-mosaics” are “paintings” wherein discarded butterfly wings supplied by the artist’s fellow collectors abroad are recycled by utilizing their natural colors into a unique mode of artistic expression.

Complimenting the Sanctuary is the Butterfly Collection in the living room, perhaps the oldest in the country, which includes exotic butterflies representative of various countries, Also in exhibit are mini-collections of coins stamps, key holders, dolls, seashells, eggs, rocks, native baskets and artifacts – fair sampling of common collectible things to inspire young people to start a wholesome hobby to keep them away from drugs and other vices.

Since 1974 the BUTTERFLY SANCTUARY and ART GALLERY has been assisting students in local universities in their term papers and theses for research of butterfly life cycles and natural history. Humanities and mass communication students have likewise been aided in their biographical sketches and video documentary on the life and works of artist-lepidopterist Julian N. Jumalon, founder of the Sanctuary.

As an accomplished lepidopterist, Jumalon had solved and published life histories of several local butterflies and described more than 20 new Philippine species and subspecies in various scientific journals her and abroad. He was a resource person in the Red Data Book Endangered Swallowtail Butterflies of the World, published by IUCN – fostering environmental awareness, the naturalist-artist had received about thirty awards and citations in his lifetime and is listed among the 100 Most notable Cebuanos of the Century by the Historical Association of Cebu, Inc. and the Cebuano Studies Center of the University of San Carlos.