Mayor Osmeña to the Youth : Make Don Sergio your inspiration

CEBU CITY, Philippines - Mayor Tomas R. Osmeña urged the youth to follow the good deeds and be inspired by the astonishing accomplishments at a young age of former President Don Sergio Osmeña Sr. during the 138th birth anniversary of the late president Friday morning September 9, 2016 at the President Osmeña Memorial Marker along corner Osmeña Boulevard and Lapu-Lapu Street, in Barangay Santo Niño this city.

Mayor Osmeña emphasized that at a very young age Don Sergio has numerous achievements who became a governor of Cebu at the age of 27 citing that he is not the Grand Old Man of Cebu but rather the Grand Young Man of Cebu which is an inspiration especially to the youth just like Jose Rizal, Gregorio Del Pilar and Ninoy Aquino who were not even old at all.

The mayor further recalled that his grandfather also became the youngest member of the first Congress at the age of 29 and at his 30s became a Senator and Vice President before serving as the 2nd and last President of the Commonwealth Government of the Philippines and the 4th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

He underscored that, “We should give the opportunity to inspire the younger people that it is not true that you have to be a lolo to be a leader.”

In behalf of the Osmeña Family, Rogelio Osmeña Jr., the great grandson of Don Sergio, thanked all who joined in the celebration especially

(CebuCity Pio) Mayor Michael L Rama inspected the city owned dump trucks and some heavy equipment parked at the Sugbo Ground in South Road Properties this afternoon.

Rama wanted to be sure these equipment are properly maintained and in good running condition in view of the implementation of a centralized garbage collection by the Department of Public Services (DPS).

He also met with the garbage truck drivers and loaders as he encouraged them to do their share in honest to goodness collection of garbage but discouraged them to maximized the so called "buhay-buhay" practices among loaders that caused delays in the collection.

Rama directed city administrator Dr. Lucelle Mercado and DPS Head, Engr. Dionisio Gualiza to find ways to have their monthly honorarium from the city be processed and received every end of the month since most of them has a many dependents.

He also instructed Equipment Repair and Maintenance Management (ERMM) Head Engr. Rene Plarisan to do regular check up of the equipment and see to it that its spare parts are available so not to hamper the collection due to some unserviceable units. (elite)