CEBU CITY, Philippines – The City of Cebu officially turned 80 today February 24, 2017 Friday with the celebration bearing the theme “Tomorrow must be Better than Today.”

Thousands of Cebuanos flocked to the Plaza Sugbo fronting Cebu City Hall and witnessed a simple commemoration. The event kicked off with a Holy Mass which was followed by a tribute to then Cebu Municipal Councilor Hon. Gervasio Lavilles who authored a Municipal Resolution for the Cityhood of Cebu. Mayor’s Special Awadees, Cebuano Topnotchers and Young Sugboanon Exemplary Action-Driven Leader Awardees were likewise recognized.

A Testimonial Dinner is set in the evening today at Cebu Grand Convention Center where Outstanding Institutions and Individuals will be recognized wrapping up the celebration.

Cebu City Mayor Tomas R. Osmeña in his message said, “Where we are today is built upon the sacrifices of many who have come before us in their own little but dedicated ways. They have seen to it that our city will not only survive but also prosper, and I witnessed many of these events.”
“Today, we are giving special honor to the late Atty. Gervasio Lavilles who I remember ever since I was a small boy, it turns out that he was the man that did the work in the formation of the Cebu City Charter, as usual there are people who are claiming (naay mga tawo nga moangkon) but let us not take away credit where credit is due,” he said.

Meanwhile, during the Galleon Trade, Cebu was already a city known as “La Ciudad de Santissimo Nombre de Jesus.” Later after the Colonial period it became a Municipality of Cebu under the Cebu Provincial Government.

Then Cebu Municipal Councilor and Lawyer Gervasio Lavilles authored Municipal Resolution Number 185 passed on August 31, 1931 calling on the Senate and the House of Representatives to enact law converting the Municipality of Cebu into a City.

An independent Chartered City known as “Cebu City” was born merging the then 4 Municipalities such as El Pardo, San Nicolas, Mabolo and Cebu starting on February 24, 1937 by virtue of Commonwealth Act 58 and Republic Act 3857. The celebration is also observed as a holiday in the entire Cebu City pursuant to the Republic Act 7287.

The Mayor reiterated that in this walls and this ground thousands of Cebuanos have given up their lives to defend our city against the Spaniards, Americans and other foreign invaders, citing that each and every one of you without realizing has played a very important role in nation-building taking part as Cebu City has evolved to what it is today.

“This is what development is all about, it’s not someone standing here delivering a speech, it is each one of you doing your job, caring and reaching out and seeing to it that no one is left behind,” the Mayor stressed.

As Cebu City’s chief executive, Mayor Osmeña bared he embarked on the major challenge of recovering the city’s properties at the South Reclamation Project sold by the previous administration at a lower price and with glitches on it.

“I had to fight three major giants among the largest in the Philippines. I’m not going to tell you I am going to do my best but I’m going to tell you simply I will win and I will get it back for you because it is my dream that towards the end of my term, each and every one of our graduates from our public schools will get Fifty thousand pesos per semester so that they will be able to make a life for themselves and help for a better Cebu City,” he underscored.

The Mayor also asked everyone’s support for he claimed he cannot do it alone. I will tell you something, that at the end of the day when we will all come and gone we all must see to it that Cebu City must be better tomorrow than today, he pointed out.

He further shared that we are always somehow overwhelmed with the problems of our city and many people say how the city can solve the traffic problem, the garbage, drugs, poverty, and education.

“My answer is simply this, we do not solve problems but we just work on it every day and when we work on it every day we will see to it that tomorrow must be better than today and it is up to those of you who will carry over to us to continue to strive the same but never we will allow ourselves to move back but we must move ahead,” Mayor Osmeña concluded. (By: Greggy P. Senados/ City of Cebu, Public Information Office)