Cebu City Government is already starting to remove non-functional or dead wires. This morning, City Councilor and Committee on Infrastructures Chairman, Jerry Guardo, together with Visayan Electric Company (VECO) and other utility firms started the operation at their pilot area which is the 800 meter stretch J. Panis St., Kasambagan Cebu City.

Councilor Guardo said that it has been observed that some wires installed by companies are becoming messier due to the non-functional wires left unattended. There are also some incidents wherein these dead wires caused accident to motorcycle riders. His team came up with a concept that is aimed at eradicating spaghetti wires and minimizing redundant poles.

The city councilor also said that they will be implementing the use of single poles with brackets wherein utilities can connect their cables. These poles will then be elevated 19ft-20ft above the ground instead of the standard height of 16ft. Cables will also be color-coded for easy identification of the utility that owns the wires.

After the complete implementation of the concept and design in J. Panis St., which is estimated to be finished during the whole month of November, it will then be presented to Cebu City Mayor Tommy OsmeƱa for his approval and suggestions for it be implemented in the whole city. 

Councilor Jerry Guardo also informed that he is already preparing an ordinance wherein the usage of single pole will be adopted in the whole Cebu City. (Jessa L. Celocia & Levy Sayago/PIO)


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