CEBU CITY, Philippines – At least 80 animals from the Cebu City Zoo has found a new home in the newly developed Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park in the Municipality of Amlan in Negros Oriental.

Dr. Alice Utlang, head of the Cebu City Zoo and the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries enthuses that the donation of animals from Cebu City Zoo to Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park is opted following the land-swap agreement between the Cebu City and Provincial Governments.

The live wildlife animals included 1 Celebes Black Ape, 1 Philippine Sailfin Lizard, 1 Malay Civet Cat, 1 Philippine Crocodile, 2 Soft-shield Turtles, 2 Sugar Gliders, 3 Palm Civet Cat, 12 Saltwater Crocodiles, 25 Red-eared Sliders, and 28 Asian Box Turtles, including 2 Mummified Aves and 2 Mummified Reptiles.

Personnel from the City of Cebu and Amlan Town together with the representatives from Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-7) and an Animal Welfare Officer from the Department of Agriculture (DA-7) transported the animals to its new home in the afternoon of May 6 Saturday.

β€œThe travel time will be in the afternoon until evening to ensure that the animals will not suffer from the scorching heat of the sun,” Utlang emphasized in a Press Conference prior to the transport.

Ariel Rica, chief of the Enforcement Division of DENR7 said the animals need water from time to time to survive in the stress of the long travel.

The group had a one-hour stop-over in the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) in the Municipality of Argao Cebu Province to have the animals sprayed with water and rest for a while in the long land and sea travel.

At around 9:30pm the group reached Barangay Bato in Samboan Town, the southernmost tip of Cebu Province and boarded a barge bound to Tampi Port in Amlan Town.

Past 10 in the evening of the same day when the convoy arrived in Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park where the animals were immediately placed to their new home.

It took about four hours for the team to manually transfer the animals to their new cages. Zoo personnel were challenged on transferring the crocodiles one-by-one which were placed in a wooden cages throughout the travel inside a truck.

Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park manager Matthew Silorio assured the City of Cebu that the animals will be in good hands, adding that the 80 animals from Cebu City Zoo will add attraction to their growing Animal Kingdom. (By: Greggy P. Senados/ City of Cebu, Public Information Office)