Department of General Services

Tel. Nos. 4110100 loc. 1713

OIC: Mr. Ronaldo  Malacora

Supplies  Management Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1707 OIC : Sñrta. Marie Trece
Property Management Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1712 OIC : Ms. Lorna Logico



Internal Audit Service Office

Tel. Nos. 4122823/ 4110100 loc. 1702 / 1710

OIC : Ms. Emma Villarete

0 #2 Alea Goran 2016-10-11 17:19
Dear Cebu City Hall

I am very interested in an unpaid internship at Cebu City Hall within public administration. I've called your public information office, and they gave me this E-mail address. I have hereby attached my internship application and CV.

Kind regards

Alea Goran Ibrahim
0 #1 ABNER ROSELLO CIMAFR 2016-10-02 10:42
To the Engineering Dept: Contact me for EGGAR or Eng'g Geological & Geohazard Assessment Report, Geotechnical Soil Boring Test, Rebound Hammer Test, Resistivity Geophysics Subsurface Exploration, & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) requirements of your Development Projects, mobile #s 0906-6282197 & 0922-2135812, thank you po!
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