Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Regional Director Wardley Getalla urged the Cebu City Government as well as private business establishments, to come up with certain methods in promoting a drug free workplace during the Ist Quarterly City Anti Drug Awareness Campaign (CADAC)-Barangay Anti Drug Awareness Campaign (BADAC) meeting held today at the Social Hall, Legislative Bldg., Cebu City Hall.

There is a positive response to this program which is being introduced not only in Cebu City but also in neighboring cities and municipalities elsewhere, not only for their companies , but for their employees as well.

He cited four components of establishing a drug-free workplace. One of the most important component is advocacy campaign and training. This will increase the level of awareness of their personnel to deter them and prevent illegal drug activities in their workplace.

Another component is the annual random drug testing on their respective employees. This way, employers are sure that their employees are not doing illegal activities.
If there are employees found to be positive of drugs, they will then be recommended for rehabilitation.

The last component is the monitoring and evaluation. This way, a drug-free workplace will be maintained and will be a safe place for the employees and clients as well.

Getalla also said that he is urging the Cebu City Government to come up with an Ordinance to include in the renewal and new application for business permits, penalties and sanctions for non-compliant to this program. (Farlash Acenas & Margie Bulado/PIO)

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