For a faster transaction, the Cebu City’s Office of the Building Official (OBO) has encouraged all those who will apply for building permit to submit digital copies of their application.

The office under Architect Florante Catalan has recently launched the OBO Information System (OBO-IS) version 2 which allows all sections heads to simultaneously check the building permit applications immediately after submission.

“I encourage them to submit a CD or USB for the digital copy of their plans and other documents to allow us to simultaneously check their applications,” Architect Catalan said.

The upgraded and faster processing of permits can also help eliminate corruption and fixers before OBO as clients will no longer have to wait long for their turn.

The development is in line with thrust of the administration of Mayor Edgardo Labella to make Cebu City business-friendly, OBO under the watch of Architect Catalan has committed to hasten the building permit application.

Architect Catalan has been assisted by his assistant, Architect Emmanuel Cuizon in running the office.

In his inaugural speech, Mayor Labella said that under his administration, one of the top most priority will be the improvement of economic flow in the city by improving the release of business permits.

Architect Catalan said that with the version 2 of their OBO-IS, they can already process a building permit application for a one-storey structure in a matter if a day.

During the flag raising ceremony last July 15, Mayor Labella has proudly announced that in a matter of three days, OBO has successfully processed the building permit of a giant developer that has been pending before the office for year.

Mayor has earlier committed to the public that building permit application will be processed in a matter of 45 days.

As of July 17, OBO has already processed and released 232 permits which include building, occupancy, electrical, demolition and mechanical permit to operate in a matter of 11 days starting July 2, out of the 300 applications the office received.

A total of 653 applications that were submitted during the previous administration have been pending before the office.

Architect Catalan assured to process all the backlogs pending before their office.

In a Facebook post, Architect Armund Claro also shared his satisfaction of a faster transaction before OBO.

“They completely checked it within three working days, all my plans and detailed drawing, design analysis and all documents both architectural and engineering design,” Architect Claro wrote.

“I went there not to follow up my application but just to observe how they work. Before they noticed my presence, I observed that all department were so very busy in their task and most of all, they treat all applicant equally. Walang kaibigan, walang kumpare and they are implementing a no gift policy,” he added.

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