the most livable city for all


  • To ensure an environmentally friendly, financially dynamic, pro-active & self-reliant City Government;
  • To have well-informed and participative barangays and communities.


We are one formidable family;
We have unlimited talents and resources;
We believe that we can make a difference;
We can make things happen;
We need to “push the envelope”;
We commit to serve with all our hearts, mind
and soul,



  • S erve promptly, efficiently with utmost courtesy with the intention to serve the ends of truth and justice.
  • E nsure strict adherence by all to the approved Code of Conduct and uphold at all times standards set in discharging our duties and responsibilities.
  • R eaffirm to the public that the City exist to serve our clients, that all of their needs shall be attended to before end of the business day, Mondays to Fridays.
  • V alue every citizen’s comments, suggestions, and needs, including those with special needs such as the persons with disabilty, pregnant women, and senior citizens; and
  • E mpower the public through efficient access to information on our policies, programs, activities and services through our website ( and the City Public Assistance Center.
  • B elieve unconditionally that in every circumstance, despite contention “there is always a better way”.
  • E liminate discrimination and gender bias attitudes and deal with professional civility by providing service transparently without delays.
  • S incereky understand and value very client’s comments and suggestions, responding to them with expediency through the City’s Complaints and Public Assistance Desk.
  • T ransparent and fair in all transactions while promoting non-tolerance of the culture of corruption.

All these we commit and pledge, because every
Cebuanon deserves the BEST service.