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 Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) Tel. Nos. 4110105 / 4110100 loc. 1109 / 2537729 OIC : Ms. Lourdes Ann D. Limpangog / Mr. Domingo Chaves
 Mayor's Permit Section Tel. No. 2556983 / 2532703/ 2532231 OIC: Atty. Yedah Ylanan
Realty Tax Payments Section Tel. No. 2548637 / 2534450 OIC: Mr. Joy A. Purca
 CEDULA Section Tel. No. 2533108 OIC: Ms. Anya Chan
Barangay Affairs Office (BAO) Tel. No.4110100 loc. 1112 OIC: Felix Jose “Joling” H. Lazarte
Business Taxes and Fees Division Tel. No. 2537558 OIC: Ms. Monina Paires
Joint Inspection Team Tel. No. 2556983 OIC: Atty. Yedah Ylanan




Tel No. 4110100 local 1204

OIC - Ms. Arlene O. Rentuza

Office of the City Treasurer Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1204         OIC: Ms. Arlene O. Rentuza
Cash Disbursement Division Tel. No. 2558755 OIC: Ms. Eirah Faye Castanares
Amusement Tax Section Tel. No.2562623 OIC
Administrative Division Tel. No. 2532303 / 4110100 loc. 1206 OIC : Ms. Shiela Guitguiten
Economic Enterprise Revenue Collection Tel. No.2551752 OIC : Ms. Arlene Rogas
Cash Receipts Division Tel. No. 2550122 OIC : Mr. Anton Aguhar
Tax Mapping of Business Establishments Tel. No. 2551820 OIC : Mr. Aldwin Limosnero
Public Assistance/ Receiving Section Tel. No. 2532026 OIC : Mr. Jopay Guanzon
Social Amelioration Tax Tel. No. OIC : Mr. Judi Martinez
Tax Examination Division Tel. No. 2558753 OIC: Mr. Aldwin Limosnero


Human Resource Development Office (HRDO)

Tel. Nos. 4110100 loc. 1302-1312

OIC: Atty. Mario Dennis A. Calvo

Training & Staff Development Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1307 OIC : Ms. Janice Candilada
Payroll  Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1308 OIC : Ms. Virginia Peña
  Evaluation Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1308 OIC : Ms. Cherry May Bordaje
Administrative Unit Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1310 OIC : Mr. Roger Hamoy
Leave & Benefit Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1308 OIC : Ms. Virginia Peña
Personnel Assistance Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1308 OIC : Mr. Serge Holganza
Recruitement & Placement Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc.1309 OIC : Ms. Cherry May Bordaje
Personnel Record Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc.1312 OIC : Ms. Ann Pegarido


Office of the City Budget

Tel. Nos. 4110100 loc 1301-1305

OIC: Ms. Marieta L. Gumia

Asst. OIC:  Ms. Roseny Reyes

 Barangay Budget Review Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1304 OIC : Mr. Elpidio Danilo Cortez
Budget Preparation Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1305 OIC : Ms. Ada Gillamac
 Budget Execution Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1305 OIC : Ms. Phoebe A. Orocoy
Administrative Unit Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1304 OIC : Mr. Elpidio Danilo Cortez



Office of the City Assessor

Tel. Nos. 4110100 loc 1401-1406 / 2530199

OIC: Atty. Raul G. Bitoon

Asst. OIC:  Ms. Angelique Cabugao

Records Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1406 OIC : Mr. Richard Gonzales
Administrative Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1404 OIC : Mr. Jay-r  Pescante
Building & Machinery Division Tel. No. OIC :Ms. Angelique Cabugao
Computer Section Tel. No. 2531099 OIC : Ms. Stella P. Dagooc
Secretariat Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1401 OIC : Atty. Raul G. Bitoon
Tax Mapping Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1405 OIC : Mr. Jun Salares
Land Division Tel. No. OIC : Mr. Richard Gonzales



Local Board of Tax Assessment Appeals

Tel. No. 2548682

OIC: Ms. Aileen B. Bordaje



Management  Information and Computer Services (MICS) & GIS Center

Tel. Nos. 4110100 loc 1501-1507/ 4110145

Dept. Head: Engr. William Cris V. Artajo

Asst. Dept. Head: Engr. Conrado A. Ordesta, III

Administrative Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1502 OIC : Ms. Charity C. Marcos
Technical Support Group (TSG) Tel. No. 4110100 loc.1507 OIC : Mr. Richard M. Consolacion
Geographic Information System (GIS) Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1506 OIC: Ms. Mary Jane Caballero
Client Support Group Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1504 OIC : Ms. Josephine Alix
Developers Group (Programming Div.) Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1505 OIC : Mr. Francis Bernard C. Yu



City Planning and Development Office 

Tel. Nos. 4110100 loc. 1511-1512 / 2301

OIC: Jose A. Guisadio, Ph.D

Land Use & Zoning Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1512 OIC : Mr. Rolando Salazar, Jr.
Plans & Programs Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1511 OIC : Mr. Erwin Tapere
Administrative Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1511 OIC : Ms. Portia A. Abugan



Office of the City Accountant

Tel. Nos. 4110100 loc. 1602 - 1612

OIC: Atty. Mark Jason S. Tirol, CPA

Asst. OIC: Giovanni G. Delgado, MBA, CPA

Administrative Section Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1602 / 1603 OIC : Carmela A. Wasawas
Financial Control Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1609 - 1611 OIC : Agnes A. Tabares, CPA
Pre-Audit Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1608 OIC : Conie D. Rebusit, CPA
Billing & Remittance Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1606 / 2549871 OIC : Nerisa A. Villacorta, CPA



Department of General Services

Tel. Nos. 4110100 loc. 1713

OIC: Mr. Ronaldo  Malacora

Supplies  Management Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1707 OIC : Sñrta. Marie Trece Alquizar
Property Management Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 1712 OIC : Ms. Jovan Villanueva



Internal Audit Service Office

Tel. Nos. 4122823/ 4110100 loc. 1702 / 1710

OIC : Ms. Emma Villarete



Office of the City Mayor

Tel. Nos. 4121998 / Fax No. 2537455


Executive Staff Tel. No. 4121998  
Secretary of the Mayor Tel. Nos. 2334194 / 4110127 Ms. Catherine R. Yso
Mayor’s Receiving Tel. No. 2556984  



Office of the City Administrator

Tel. Nos. 2549115 / 4122797

City Administrator: Engr. Nigel Paul C. Villarete

Asst. City Administrator/s: Ms. Annabeth D.Cuizon

                                                      Ms. Veronica A. Morelos




Office of the Vice-Mayor


Ground Floor, Legislative Bldg., Cebu City

Tel. Nos. 2532047 / 2661039 / 2535943

Costumer Service Office Tel. Nos. 2534979 / 2548762 / 4110100 loc. 0 OIC : Ms. Malou Inocando Tabar
Public Information Office Tel. Nos. 2548632 / 2534751 / 4110111 loc. 1201 OIC : Ms. Malou Inocando Tabar
Building Maintenance Services Tel. No. 2530917 / 2537817 / 4121942 OIC : Engr. Mejelito Cajes
City Legal Office Tel. Nos. 4110134 / 2532604 / 2397260 OIC : Atty. Joseph Bernaldez
Office of the Building Official Tel. Nos. 2557960 / 2554045 / 4114045 OIC : Engr. Josefa T. Ylanan
SP Records Section Tel. No. 2532979 OIC : Mr. Carlito Suico
Child Minding / City Hall Clinic Tel. No. 2532192 OIC : Snr. Nurse Aminadab Labis
Civil Security Unit Tel. No. 2537817 OIC : Mr. Allan Rubi
Post Office Tel. No. 2532806 Postmaster : Ms. Septa B. Espina
CHAMP Tel. Nos. 2542373 / 4121913 OIC : Ms. Amor G. Villanueva


Second Floor
Hon. James Anthony R. Cuenco

City Councilor - South District

Tel. Nos. (032) 266-1355
Hon. Renato Z. Osmeña Jr.

City  Councilor - South District

Tel. Nos. 2537538 / 4121224
Hon. Joel C. Garganera

City Councilor - North District

Tel. Nos. 2543521 / 4122834
Hon. Jose C. Daluz III

City Councilor - South District 

Tel. Nos. 2563108 / 2551685

Div. for the Welfare of the Urban Poor OIC : Atty. Meriam Consuelo Fernandez Tel. No. 2537068 / 2538124 / 4110100 loc. 2201
Hon. Margarita V. Osmeña

City Councilor - South District

Chairperson: Committee on Budget and Finance/Tourism, Sister Cities Relations, Arts and Culture/Women and Family Affairs

Tel. Nos. 2556395 / 4121706
Hon. Joy Augustus G. Young

City Councilor - North District

Chairperson: Committee on Trade, Commerce and Entreprenuership/Education, Science and Technolog/Scholarship Program

Tel. No. 2554996
Hon. Alvin B. Arcilla

City Councilor - North District

Chairperson: Committee on Social Services/Markets/Urban Planning/Agriculture and Rural Development

Tel. Nos. 2538038 / 2536982
Hon. Jerry L. Guardo

City Councilor - North District

Chairperson: Committee on Infrastructure/Environment, Energy, Transportation Communicaton and Other Utilities

Tel. Nos. 2562567 / 2532338
Hon. Jessica P. Resch

SK Federation President

Chairperson: Committee on Youth Development

Tel. No. 2542373 
Office of the City Auditor City Auditor : Ms. Ma. Daisy O. Bercede Tel. No. 2383624
Burial Assistance Office OIC : Ms. Rosaline C. Verano Tel. No. 2395967 / 316



Third Floor
Hon. Eduardo R. Rama, Jr.

City Councilor - South District

Tel. Nos. 2661033 / 4121787
Hon. Raymond N. Garcia City Councilor - North District Tel. No. 2661038
Hon. Sisinio Andales

City Councilor - North District

Chairperson: Committee on Labor, Employment, Cooperative and Livelihood/Laws, Ordinances and Styling/Oversight

Tel. Nos. 2661036 / 4121801
Hon. Pastor M. Alcover, Jr.

City Councilor - North District

Tel. Nos. 2661035 / 2532184
Hon. Jocelyn G. Pesquera

City Councilor - South District 

Tel. No. 4121782
Cebu District Congressional Office Tel. No. 2540339 Congressman Bebot Abellanosa
Cebu City Com. for the Welfare & Protection of Children (CCCWPC) Tel. No. 2540279 OIC : Mr. Redentor Betito
Cebu City Youth Affairs Office (CCYAO) Tel. No. 4121774 OIC : Mr. Jess Anthony dela Cruz
Hon. Dave F. Tumulak

City Councilor - South District

Chairperson: Committee on Public Order & Safety/Information and Communicatin Technology/Disaster Risk Reduction Management and ClimateChange Adaptation

Tel. Nos. 2661032 / 4110100 loc. 2304
Hon. Mary Ann Delos Santos

City Councilor - North District

Chairperson: Committee on Health, Hospital Service and Sanitation

Tel. Nos. 2661034 / 4122816 /

4110100 loc. 2306

Hon. Eugenio F. Gabuya, Jr.

City Councilor - South District

Chairperson: Committee on Housing/Public Services/Games, Amusement and Sports

Tel. Nos. 2661037 / 2561484
Hon. Franklin O. Ong

ABC President

Chairperson: Committee on Barangay Affairs

Tel. Nos. 2661031 / 41298969
Cebu City Environment & Natural Resources (CCENRO) Tel. No. 2536362

OIC : Ms. Ma. Nida Cabrera


Tel. Nos. 2554046-47 / 4121973 / loc 4302

Taptap : 4129012- 13

OIC : Mr. Hilario P. Alicante, Jr.
Cebu City Women’s & Family Affairs Com. Tel. No. 2361683 OIC : Lea O. Japson
Parks & Playground Commission Tel. No. 2562170 OIC : Librado Macaraya



Fourth Floor
Office of the SP Secretariat

Tel. No. 2661542 / 2549004 / 2543807

Direct line: 4122817 / 4110144 / 4110100 loc. 2401

OIC : Mr. Roy Vincent I.  Alix
CCR Tel. No. 4121971 OIC :
SP E- Library Tel. No. 2549004 / 2661542 OIC : Mr. Carey Bao-as




Cebu City Anti- Mendicancy Task Force

2nd Floor

Tel. No. 2552260 OIC : Ms. Jesusa Berdido

City Agriculture Department  (CAD)

2nd Floor

Tel. No. 2536566

Telefax : 2555781

OIC : Ms. Apple L. Tribunalo




3RD Floor, Yutivo Bldg., D. Jakosalem St. Cebu City

Tel. Nos. 2532024 / 2532025

OIC: Engr. Kenneth Carmelita M. Enriquez

Asst. OIC: Engr. Nilo Igot

Administrative Division Tel. No. 2532024 / 2532025 / 2534954 / 2534952 OIC : Ms. Rowena Sala
Construction Division Tel. No. 2556027 OIC : Arch. Florante Catalan
Planning & Programs Division Tel. No. 2554624 OIC : Arch. Eleazar Lipang
Survey & Inventory Section Tel. No. 2544984 OIC : Engr. Bernabe Patiño
Maintenance of City Streets / Asphalting Tel. No. 2534091 OIC : Engr. Niva Bayucot
Drainage Section Tel. No. 2534091 OIC : Engr. Niva Bayucot




Equipment Repair & Maintenance Management

DGS Building, SRP

Tel. Nos. 4110100 locs. 3203-3204 / 3125 / 3503785 / 4113122

OIC : Mr. Ronaldo Malacora

Assistant OIC: Engr. Alberto Bontuyan

Bus Operation Section Tel. No. Head : Engr.  Prescillano Alforque
Warehouse Management Division Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 3118-3120 Head : Mr. Jovanne Villanueva
Heavy Equipment Repair Tel. No. 4100012 Head : Engr. Douglas  Muñez
Fabrication Section Tel. No. 4110100 Head : Engr.  Prescillano Alforque
Preventive Maitenance Section Tel. No. Head : Engr.  Emiliano Cruz
Tire Section Tel. No. Section Head : Engr. Eduardo Potot
Kaohshiung Dispatching Tel. No. 4110100 loc. 3103 Head : Engr.  Prescillano Alforque
Light Equipment Repair Tel. No. 4100012 Head : Engr. Ben Hur Arnoco
Administrative Section Tel. No. 4100004 Ms. Josephine Lindio
Bus Repair Section Tel. No. Head : Engr. Eduardo Potot




Building Maintenance Section

M.C. Briones St., Cebu City

Tel. No. 4121942 / 2562699 / 2537817 OIC : Engr. Mejelito Cajes

Cultural and Historical Affairs Commission

Osmeñs Blvd., Cebu City

Tel. No. 2554997 / 2541109 / 4124069 OIC : Florentino Boligor

Parian Drop Center

Sikatuna St., Cebu City

Tel. No. 2557937 / 4149004 OIC : Mr. Redentor Betito

Slum Improvement & Ressetlement (SIR)

Pasil Fish Port, Cebu City

Tel. No. 2611475 OIC : Ms. Merly Montellano

Cebu City Youth Center

2nd Flr., Cebu City Sports Complex Bldg.

Tel. No. 2561981 President : Ms. Lourdes Jereza

Hon. Raul Del MarCongressman- North District

#7 Canyon Rd., Beverly Hills

Tel No. 2534111 / 2534222  Hon. Raul V. Del Mar

Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation

Cebu Medical Society Bldg., Banilad

Tel. No. 2339300 /

Fax : 2327850 / 4162664 / 4162665

Hotline No. 161

Lapulapu City : 3402994


Chairman : Dr. Pek Eng Lim

Bantay Dagat Commission

Pasil Fish Port, Cebu City

Tel. No. 3187584 Head:

City Public Library

Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Tel. No. 2531526 / 4124460 OIC : Ms. Rosario C. Chua

Cebu City Sports Complex

Abellana National School

Tel. Nos. 2531091 / 2548567 Manager : Mr. Ricky Ballesteros

Sinulog Foundation

Rm. 203 Rivergate Bldg., Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City

Tel. Nos. 2533700 / 2545010

Fax No.4164845

Exec. Dir. : Mr. Jess A. dela Cruz

Cebu City Tourism Commission

City Library Bldg. Osmeña Blvd.

Tel. No. 4124355


OIC : Ms. Heart Rizarri
SRP Office Tel. Nos. 3187171 / 4013423 / 4013424 OIC : Mr. Nagiel Bañacia

Operation Second Chance

Patambayong, Kalunasan, Cebu City

Tel. No. 2363015 OIC : Ms. Merlinda Metante
Command Center Tel. No. 2621424  

Pagtambayayong Foundation

102 P. Del Rosario Extn. Cebu City

Tel. No. 2537974 / 4182168 / 4185757 Pres. Mr. Francisco Fernandez

Local Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office

Brgy. Mambaling, Cebu City 

Tel. No.2621424 OIC : Mr. Nagiel B. Bañacia

Office of the City Register of Deeds

Fernan Hall of Justice

Capitol Compund, Cebu City

Tel. No. 2534450 Head :

Office of the City Market (OCM)

2nd Flr. Unit III Carbon

Tel. Nos. 4121814 / 2531324 / 2562620 / 4169253  Head: Atty. Winifredo A. Orcullo Jr.

Community Scout Youth Guidance Center

B. Aranas Extn. Duljo, Fatima, Cebu City

Tel. No. 2661158 Head : Engr. Rolando Ardosa

Cebu City Dance Sports Center

Ayala, Cebu City

Tel.No. 4155844 C/o : Ms. Zenith Ms. Rica
ASAP Office Tel. No. 4122772 OIC : Ms. Annabeth Cuizon
PROBE Office Tel. No. 3165410 OIC: Ms. Raquel Arce

Dept. of Social Welfare Services (DSWS)

DSWS Bldg., Labangon Katipunan

Tel. Nos. 2625163 / 2629350 / 2616408 / 2617986 OIC : Ms. Flora N. Bartolome

Office of the City Prosecutor

Fernan Hall of Justice Capitol Compound, Cebu City

Tel. No. 2532721 City Prosecutor: Atty. Liceria Rabillas

Cebu City Sports Commission

Abellana Sports Complex

Tel. No. 5208839 Chairman : Mr. Edward Hayco

Fort San Pedro Office 

Plaza Independencia

Tel. No. 2562284 OIC : Dr. Librado Macaraya
Scholarship Program Committee Tel. Nos. 2549843 / 2545988 Head : Ms. Shynne Alexis E. Antonio




OIC: Atty. Ismael R. Garaygay III

(Ramos Supermarket Bldg., F. Ramos St., Cebu City)

Department Head's Office Tel. Nos. 2532181 / 2562625 Exec. Dir. Atty. Ismael R. Garaygay III
Administrative & Planning Division Tel. No. 2532181 / 2562625 Head : Ms. Leonora Tersenio
Communication Center Tel. Nos. 2539211 / 2561897 OIC : Mr. Ronnie Nadera
Legal Section Tel. No. 2556872 Head : Atty. Rico Abellanosa
Office of the Traffic Director Tel. No. 2551409 Chief : P/C Insp. Arthur Dela Rosa
Control Section & Maintenance Tel. No. 2562626 OIC : Mr. Rico Ruaya
Traffic Violation Bureau Tel. No. 2548453 OIC : Ms. Sofia Bacolod
Traffic Engineering Section Tel. No. 2549985 In charge : Mr. Ernersto Morales




( N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City )

Information : 5124622

 Mr. Kenneth T. Siasar

Hospital Administrator

Dr. Gloria T. Duterte

Medical Director

Tel. No. 2540517

Office of the Asst. Medical Director Tel. Nos. 2540863 OIC : Dr. Anton Oliver A. Reposar II
Emergency Room Tel. No. 2541058 OIC : Dr. Eduardo Camalungay
Maintenance Section Tel. No. 2364839 OIC : Engr. Marlou Jed Carillo
Medical Record Section Tel. No. 2540517 Head : Ms. Saludina Abelarde
Office of the Chief Nurse Tel. No. 5205572 Acting Chief Nurse : Ms. Lerma Soledad
Out-Patient Department Tel. No. 2531778 Head : Dr. Sylvia Arreglo
X- ray Department / Organ Imaging Tel. No. Chief Resident : Dr. Sulpicio Rosco
Dietary Section Tel. No. Head : Ms. Rosalina Uy
Internal Medicine Department Tel. No. Head : Dr. Joy Carido
Billing Section Tel No. 2364839 OIC : Ms. Romarica C. Derodar
Laboratory Section Tel. No. OIC : Ms. Nelia Ariola
Property Section Tel. No. 2364839 OIC : Ms. Malou Archua
Medical Social Services Tel. No. 2531778 Head : Ms. Elizabeth Calumpang
Operating Room Tel. No. 2557274 OIC : Dr. Daniel Albaño, Jr.
Pharmacy Tel. No. OIC : Ms. Christine Cedeño
Personnel Division Tel. No. 2540517 Personnel Officer : Ms. Rachel Bogo
Dental Section Tel. No. Head : Dr. Jaime Mercado
Dept. of OBGYNE Tel. No. Head : Dr. Airee Arranguez
Dept. of Opthalmology Tel. No. Head : Dr. Darrel Macabata
Dept. of Surgery Tel. No. Head : Dr. Maria Agnes Alcaraz
Dept. of Pediatrics Tel. No. Head : Dr. Sharie Angsa




( Gen. Maxilom Extension )

Dr. Alma Corpin

OIC - City Health Officer

Tel. Nos. 2321527 / 4155170

Dr. Alicemarie L. Aycardo

Asst. OIC - City Health Officer

Tel. No. 2326863

Environmental Sanitation Division Tel. No.  2326969 OIC : Dr. Eliseo Virtucio
Epedimiology Center Tel. No. 2330987 Chief : Dr. Ilya Tac-an
Laboratory Division Tel. No.   Chief : Dr. Alicemarie L. Aycardo
Animal BitesSection / Pharmacy Tel. No.  4166176 Head : Dr.
Supply Division Tel. No.  2330987 OIC : Amil Opigal
Cebu City Office for Substance Abuse Prevention ( COSAP) Tel. No. 2326711 Head : Mr. Gary Lao
Field Program Services Tel No. 4166179 Chief : Dr. Ma. Theresa Tipgos
STD Detection Center Tel. No. 2330987 Chief : Dr. Ilya Tac-an
Surveillance Center Tel. No. 2326848 Head : Ms. Lydel Salarda
Cadaver Section Tel. No. Head : Dr. Luz Flora Yap
Administrative Officer Tel. No. 2326820 Admin Officer : Mr. Jed Filoteo




Tel. Nos. 2332484 / 2326664 / 2311447

Department Head: Atty. Evangeline T. Abatayo

Issuance Division Tel. No.  2331389 Head : Mr. Philip Megabon
Registration Tel. No. 2326664 Head : Ms. Louella Dejito
Archive & Admin Division Tel. No.  2332484 Head : Mr. Jason Bongcales




SRP, Cebu City

Tel. Nos. 3101 / 3110

OIC: Mr. John Paul Gelasque

Tel. No. 3105

Tel. No. 3102

Administrative Division Tel. No. 3106 Chief : Ms. Janis Redulla/Mr. Julius Galosino
Garbage Collection Division Tel. No. OIC : Ms. Grace Luardo / Mr. Judilito Vaño
Streetlightning Division Tel. No.  OIC : Mr. Julius Golosino
Property Section Tel No. 2383990 OIC: Mr. Julis Golosino/ Mr. Gil Mangyao
Tubig Project Tel. No.  OIC: Mr. Joe Marie Yap
Environmental Sanitation Tel. No. 4110100 local 3107 OIC: Engr. Arsenio Uy

Department of Manpower Develompent and Placement

2nd Floor Ramos Market Building, Cebu City

Tel. No. 2539212

Dept. Head: Mr. Fidel Magno

Assist. Dept Head: Engr. Maria Concepcion T. Encabo, ChE, MEM

Labor & Employment Division

2nd Floor Ramos Market Building, CEbu City

Tel. No. 2544348 Chief : Mr. Fidel Magno




White Road, Inayawan, Cebu City

Tel. No.

Chief : Mr. Danny Gabiana

Equipment Repair & Maintenance Division Tel. No. 2737818 Chief :
Sewage Treatment Plant Tel. No. 4129467 Chief :




North Reclamation Area, ( Back of SM City )

Department Head: Dr. Alice T. Utlang

Administrative Section Tel. No. 2324483 / Telefax: 4191200 Head : Ms. Rosalima Cimagala
Animal Health Division/ City Pound Tel. No. 2335675 Head : Dra. Jessica Maribojoc