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Name: Roberto Antimaro Cabarrubias
Date of Birth: April 26, 1956
Address: Holy Cross Compound, Basak Pardo, Cebu City

True to form, Engr. Roberto A. Cabarrubias is a man of action who prefers to walk the talk and to lead by example. With ten years of teaching, over ten years of corporate practice, and over twenty years of public service (18 years as barangay chairman and 3 years as city councilor), Roberto or "Bob Cab", as he is more popularly known, understands what it takes to be a true servant leader.


When he was still the barangay chairman of Basak Pardo, Bob Cab pioneered the effective use of information and communication technology (ICT) for good governance and better public service. He launched an ICT literacy program to familiarize his constituents with the proper utilization of ICT. He also initiated real property tax collection at the barangay level for improved tax collection, where the remote access server (RAS) of the Cebu City server is connected to the barangay local computer through dial-up connection. By making the barangay hall an e-learning hub, he made possible the paperless communication of all memoranda and accomplishment reports given or submitted by barangay officials, lupon members, tanods, and even street cleaners. He likewise provided his constituents the cheaper alternative to long-distance communication through voice over internet protocol (VOIP).

For 2010 - 2013, Hon. Roberto A. Cabarrubias is a member and/or officer of the following committees:

Chairman Committee on Infrastructure
Vice-Chairman Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
Vice-Chairman Committee on Information Technology
Member Committee on Public Order and Safety
Member Committee on Laws, Ordinances, Public Accountability and Good Government
Member Committee on Public Service
Member Committee on Traffic Management
Member Committee on Energy, Transportation, Communication and Other Utilities

CITY COUNCILOR (May 2007-May 2010)

After his stint as the first barangay chairman in the Philippines to offer barangay services online, Roberto was elected councilor of Cebu City (South District) in 2007. He served as the Chairman of the Committee on Information Technology, sponsoring initiatives to lower government spending through the use of technology and open source system. A proponent and supporter of e-governance for increased transparency and improved information dissemination for true people empowerment, he initiated the following projects:

  1. School internet connection at Barangay Sudlon II
  2. IP cameras within Cebu City Hall
  3. Cebu City Medical Clinic (CCMC) Information Technology Infrastructure
  4. Office of the Building Official (OBO) Information System
  5. Remote Tax Collection

An electrical engineer by profession, Hon. Cabarrubias was also the Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Energy, Transportation, Communication and Other Utilities, initiating the first ever power forum in Cebu to facilitate dialogue between consumers and players in the power industry. Also a member of the Committee on Infrastructure, he was instrumental in the electrification of mountain barangays. To address the ill effects of power outages on the effective delivery of services, the project of maintaining a stand-alone generator for the Legislative Building of the city was being undertaken through his efforts.

He was likewise a member of the Committee on Barangay Affairs and the Committee on Social Services, where he devoted time for the entertainment of people and the feeding of children in the different barangays. His feeding program has resulted in the distribution of rice to the mountain barangays through the assistance of the National Food Authority (NFA).  He was also a member of the Committee on Laws, Public Accountability, and Good Governance and of the Committee on Urban Planning and Development.


Office of Hon. Roberto A. Cabarrubias

2nd Flr., Legislative Bldg., Cebu City Hall

Tel. No. (032) 253-6966 / 256-2567