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These projects have been initiated at the time when Hon. Alvin B. Arcilla was still the Barangay Captain of Brgy. Talamban, Cebu City (2002 - 2010).

Other Projects/Accomplishments
Initiated the passage of the Barangay Tax & Revenue Ordinance in 2003, thereby giving the barangay additional revenue to sustain its other projects.
Initiated the move to collect revenue share from the MCWD; share from the National Wealth for the LGU; and was able to collect close to Php 3.5 million.
Conceptualized and initiated the adopting of the Official Barangay Logo and Hymn of Barangay Talamban.
Initiated the request and the realization of the opening of the Barangay Night High School to accommodate thsoe non-academic scholars and other working students.
Initiated the request and the realization fo the following projects:
  1. Skywalk along the school belt - c/o Hon. Raul del Mar
    (former 1st Cebu City 1st District Representative)
  2. Expansion of the Talamban Fire Station - c/o Hon. Raul del Mar
  3. Expansion of the Talamban Police Station
  4. Drainage System at Highway 77 costing about 2 million from Hon. Raul del Mar
  5. Transportation bus
Initiated the request of 20 computer units from the City Government of Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands and another 8 computer units from VECO for the Talamban Elementary School
Initiated the unification of the 8 barangays, namely: Agsungot, Bacayan, Binaliw, Budlaan, Pit-os, Pulanbato, San Jose & Talamban under Police Station 8 for its commitment to maintain the peace & order sitatuion in these adjacent communities making Hon. Arcilla a recipient of a citation during the 70th Cebu City Charter Day Celebration
Had helped bring Barangay Talamban to be one of the Top Ten highest barangays in terms of tax collection for the year 2009.
Had helped make Barangay Talamban rank no. 3 in terms of rabies-free barangays in 2009
Creation of the Talamban Traffic Enforcement & Management Team, who are also CITOM and LTO deputized agents; and were very instrumental in assisting th etraffic flow especially during the time when the Ban-Tal flyover took its course and during the transfer of both Sacred Heart-Ateneo Cebu and the Cebu International School with students' vehicles passing the main Talamban thoroughfare
Appointment of 10 street cleaners to maintain the cleanliness in the main streets and 2 drainage maintenance crew
The creation of 2 more Day Care Centres to cater to the demands of the pre-schoolers
Facilitated the continued service of the post office to the barangay by providing them a space within the Talamban Barangay Hall to cater not only to the needs of the Talambanons but also to people from adjacent barangays
Maintains the Talamban Health Centre and Lying-in Clinic; provides common medicines; and maintains an ambulance