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Name: Ma. Nida Corbin Cabrera
Date of Birth: August 5, 1955
Place of Birth: Polambato, Bogo, Cebu


Nikki C. Cabrera
Noemi C. Cabrera
Kim C. Cabrera


Bachelor of  Science in Social Work
Master of Science & Environmental Management


Nida Cabrera was once a barangay captain of Barangay Luz, Cebu City. Before engaging in local politics, she also worked in Children’s Home which advocates and protects children’s right and welfare.

When the relocated occupants of Barangay Luz were threatened on the sale of adjacent lot to Ayala Land, Inc. or “Cebu Business Park”, she is one of those who organized the residents and opposed the selling of their occupied lots and instead be given the right to purchase. Her active stance in the urban poor issues in Barangay Luz and in Cebu City made her the Ad Hoc Chairperson of Urban Poor Alliance (UP All) in its inception in Cebu City, and became the Chairperson in UP-All Visayas. Nida is one of the recipients of the 3rd BAYI Citation Gender and Democracy in recognizing women in the field of Politics and Governance.

She started her political career as Councilor in Barangay Luz in 1994-2007 with the resident’s clamor to represent them in the barangay council and fight for the security of land tenure of the residents. In her years as a local government official, she has been awarded as one of the outstanding barangay officials in Cebu City and Region VII, because of her exemplary practices in good governance and as strong advocate of the rights of women, children & urban poor.

She initiated the Kwarta sa Basura program in Brgy Luz which helps uplift the economic, social and health conditions of the residents of Barangay Luz, as well as protect the environment. This program, together with its participatory governance practices made Barangay Luz a model barangay in Cebu City.

Nida is the Sectoral Representative of National Anti Poverty Commission (NAPC), representing the Urban Poor Sector and one of the Commissioners of Cebu City Women and Family Affairs Commission.