Cebu City Women’s and Family Affairs Commission


Cebu City empowered, productive, participative and secured women, children and men.


Ensure integration and mainstreaming of women's rights and gender concerns in the policies, programs, mechanisms and structures of the city government and other stakeholders, e.g. private and civil society in governance.

  1. Strengthen advocacy campaign on women's and children rights.
  2. Support sustainable programs and services on comprehensive basic health care, psycho-social programs, counseling, skills training, rehabilitation and after care.
  3. Advocate for reproductive health.
  4. Ensure the inclusion of Work in Financial Plan of the commission to the city development plan.
  5. Strengthen partnership and linkage with key institutions.(e.g. NGA's,private sector and civil society.)
  6. Recommend policies on women's and family  issues and concerns to Sangguniang Panlungsod.
  7. Develop monitoring and evaluation  tools for LGU funded projects for appropriate intervention.
  8. Conduct program implementation review funded by the city among LGUs, NGOs, civil society and the community.
  9. Strengthen and update data bank for women and family.

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