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A Genuine Grassroots Sports Program takes root

5,000 kids received year round free lessons in basketball, boxing, taekwondo, table tennis, arnis, dancesport, volleyball, badminton, chess, softball, baseball. (if we are to quantify the free lessons that have been provided in peso terms, each kid had 10 sessions. at P200 per session, the value of the project total 30M. Money these kids will never be able to afford just for sports training. We'd like to thank the Sports Commission staff and the 200 volunteer coaches and athlete who went out of their way to train the kids for FREE!

Cebu city, global epicenter for chess after we break Guinness world record for the largest chess tournament in the world

Currently, we now have 20,000 public school kids who have learned to play and compete in chess. It may still reach to 50,000 kids since 80% of schools are still in the tournament phase and are yet to report after completion of school wide competition. (in the same manner we quantified the value of the project in peso terms. the value of training 50,000 kids is 50M pesos. We'd like to thank DepEd School Division Superintendent, Dr. Rhea Mar Angtud, the public school teachers, sports coordinators, coaches, MSEP, MAPE teachers, Chess Federation headed by Arbiter Roger Abella and his coaches, for their tireless effort to provide FREE chess lessons to the children.

Cebu city’s Grassroots program may become the template for nation-building thru sports

Support also came from the Philippine Sports Commission Chairman Richie Garcia, who took interest and witnessed our actual grassroots program in the barangay level. He requested sports commission to prepare an audio video template which he wants to present to the national leadership on how Cebu City was able to organize and provide a meaningful and sustaining grassroots sports development program.


That despite the absence of opportunities in life, we are able to provide a transformational experience to the youth of the city, making a difference in their lives, no matter how small. Redirecting their energies and interest by providing a more positive activity vis a vis drugs, petty crimes and being idle. And thru this grassroots program, we are able to produce a gold medalist from a kid who hails from a humble barangay, which would be a very meaningful victory for the city, because we have made that little kid believe in himself!

The ELH Grassroots Program is a joint project and effort of the Cebu City Government, the Department of Education and the Cebu City Sports Commission.