City Agriculture Department


  1. Maintains efficient and effective linkage and coordination with the National, Regional, and Local Government Units and Multi-Sectoral Groups
  2. Optimum utilization of farm lands
  3. Augments target beneficiaries’ income
  4. Improves the quality of life of target beneficiaries through introducing appropriate farming technologies
  5. Improves ecology through conservation, preservation, development and proper management of forest, and intensive agro-reforestation
  6. Institutionalizes skills and capabilities of LGU’s and target beneficiaries through conducting trainings
  7. Organizes and strengthens formal and indigenous organizations and communities
  8. Integrates farm planning, programming and budgeting
  9. Activates and mobilize communities
  10. Provides adequate agro-infrastructure and post-harvest facilities
  11. Provides access credit to target farmer beneficiaries
  12. Conducts effective monitoring and evaluation system
  13. Adopts and conducts research and development and extension programs


  • 52 Urban Areas
  • 28 Rural Areas


Category Agriculture Forestry Built-Up
Sustainable 16.45 % 8.45 % 30.89 %
Development Opportunity 48.98 % 49.82 % 41.13 %
Not Sustainable 34.56 % 41.72 % 27.98 %
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