Cebu City Medical Center

Ancillary Services

  1. Laboratory Section
    1. Preparation of Specimen for Outside Laboratory Examination:
      1. Provides Clinical Chemistry Examination
      2. Blood Centrifugation
      3. Donor Extraction
    2. Provision of Laboratory Examinations
      1. Provides Clinical Chemistry Examination
      2. Provides Hematological Examination
      3. Provides Blood and Serology Examination
      4. Provides Clinical Microscopic Examination
      5. Provides Microbiologic Examination
      6. Provides Histopathological and Cytological Examination
    3. Blood Bank
  2. Organ Imaging Department
    1. Performance of Diagnostic Imaging
      1. X-ray
      2. Ultra Sound
      3. Mammography
  3. Pharmacy Section
    1. Dispensing of Medicines
    2. Provision of Information on Available Drugs and Supplies
  4. Dietary Section
    1. Serving meals to patients and few personnel
      1. Plans Menu
      2. Purchase food and other supplies
      3. Prepares food for patients, co- employees and visitors
    2. Dietary Instruction and Counseling
  5. Medical Social Service
    1. Provision of discounts to patients
    2. Referral of indigent patients to GO's and NGO's
    3. Institutional placement of neglected/abandoned babies and patients
    4. Home Conduction of abandoned patients
  6. Medical Records Section
    1. Preparation & submission reports and hospital statistics
    2. Maintenance of Medical Records
      1. Indicates code of Diseases according to Comprehensive International Classification of Disease - Version 10
      2. Updates Hospital Logbook; Assigning of Terminal- digit Number on Charts;
      3. Collects Patients Chart from Wards
      4. Provides medical records for reference
    3. Preparation of Certificate of Live Birth and Live Birth for Late registration
    4. Issuance of Medical and Medico - Legal Certificate
    5. Attendance to Court Calls
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0 #1 Steve John Comajes 2018-01-25 14:56
Re: Concern about the refund of my philhealth.

Good Day,

Dear; Sir/Ma'am

I would like to follow-up my philhealth refund.

May Daughter was admitted last August 27,2016 and discharge from your hospital was October 10,2016.

It is almost 2yrs & 3months still i didn't receive my refund from your hospital.

I would like to inquire how long do i need to wait to receive my refund?

Otherwise i will send this complain to the office of Mr. President Duterte that this kind of process it takes long time almost 2yrs and 3months.

Hope to hear your feed back soonest.

Patient: Alyssa Mary Chen Magpatoc Comajes
Hospital: Cebu City Medical Center

Thank you

Steve John V. Comajes
SSF - Operations
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