Cebu City Medical Center

Administrative Services

  1. Administrative Section
    1. Personnel Services
      1. Processing of Contracts (Service, Residency, MOA of Affiliates / PGIs)
      2. Isuance of Certificates
        1. Employement
        2. Service record
        3. Take home pay
        4. First day of service
      3. Orientation of New Employees on Administrative Protocol
    2. Personnel Leave and Absences Services
      1. Maintenance of Personnel Record (Attendance, Leave, Tardiness and Absences)
        1. Keeps a ledger/record on all employees
        2. Prepares filed leave/ absence
        3. Updates record on leave/ absence
        4. Prepares and submits monthly report on employees’ absences and tardiness
        5. Prepares Bundy card of all employees
        6. Fills- in updated leave credits of employees in loan application forms.
    3. Processing of Salaries, Wages and Benefits
    4. Records and Documentation Services
    5. Filing of Hospital Accreditation Documents
      1. Prepares documents for renewal of CCMC license, accreditation feeds for all departments
      2. Receives and records GSIS/ SSS, PhilHealth checks, affiliation fees, turned over to the PhilHealth and Billing Section
    6. Preparation of voucher and documents of personnel attending seminars, trainings and conventions
  2. Billing Section
    1. Attends to clients in the settlement of hospital bill
    2. Processing of Phil Health Claims
    3. Preparation of voucher for refund to clients
  3. Property Section
    1. Procurement of Hospital Supplies, Materials and Equipment
    2. Facilitates Payment of Purchases
    3. Inventory of Supplies, Materials and Equipments
    4. Reproduction/ Mimeographing
    5. Storage of Official Forms
  4. Maintenance Section
    1. Preventive Maintenance
      1. office Equipments (Aircon Units, typewriters, telephones, paging system)
      2. Generator
      3. Laboratory Equipments
      4. OR/ER Facilities
    2. Repair of equipments, and Plumbing, Electrical, carpentry fixtures
    3. Performs or responds to requests (other than repairs) for electrical, plumbing and carpentry works
    4. Prepares Architectural Plans for Hospital Project and Renovation
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0 #1 Steve John Comajes 2018-01-25 14:56
Re: Concern about the refund of my philhealth.

Good Day,

Dear; Sir/Ma'am

I would like to follow-up my philhealth refund.

May Daughter was admitted last August 27,2016 and discharge from your hospital was October 10,2016.

It is almost 2yrs & 3months still i didn't receive my refund from your hospital.

I would like to inquire how long do i need to wait to receive my refund?

Otherwise i will send this complain to the office of Mr. President Duterte that this kind of process it takes long time almost 2yrs and 3months.

Hope to hear your feed back soonest.

Patient: Alyssa Mary Chen Magpatoc Comajes
Hospital: Cebu City Medical Center

Thank you

Steve John V. Comajes
SSF - Operations
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