Cebu City Medical Center


The most livable city for all.


To ensure an environmentally friendly, financially dynamic, pro-active, and self-reliant City Government.


  1. Acquires high-tech equipments through donations or purchase.
  2. Prescribes cost – effective medicines.
  3. Confirms laboratory and x-ray procedure
  4. Send more trainees to seminars, scientific lectures, conventions, local and national levels; wet clinics
  5. Conducts research study as a pre-requisite to residency training program graduation.
  6. Attendance of personnel to PES/PERC Seminar.
  7. Maintenance personnel to work under their respective specialization.
  8. Development of preventive maintenance program.
  9. Increase in hospital income by 2%.
  10. To make available supplies and materials needed in the hospital
  11. All personnel to become computer literate / proficient.
  12. Maintenance of 50% re-ordering point of supplies and materials.
  13. Creation of a complete databank for all employees.


  1. Establish and maintain an accredited residency training program in the different fields of specialty.
  2. Establish a system of recruitment of committed and highly qualified medical personnel and consultants.
  3. Provide opportunity for the continuing professional growth in the respective field of expertise and to enhance competence on delivery of services.
  4. Install a mechanism or program to develop an appropriate attitude and behavior towards service delivery.

Legal Mandate

Section 1 of City Ordinance No. 1508, approved in Resolution No. 1767 in March 21, 1994 mandates that: “The Cebu City Government shall maintain and operate a non-profit general hospital to be henceforth known as “Cebu City Medical Center” for the primary purpose of PROVIDING adequate medical care to the underprivileged sector of the City’s population, a training facility for the students of all duly DECS-accredited Medical and Para-Medical schools in Cebu City and to undertake its own training program. It shall endeavor to maintain major services in the areas of specialization that the Board may decide upon.


Cebu City Medical Center is providing four major services as follows:

  1. Medical/Dental Services
  2. Ancillary Services
  3. Nursing Services
  4. Administrative Services with satellite Emergency Hospitals in Barangays Guba and Bonbon



General Services

  1. Residency Training Program
  2. Internship Program
    1. Medical Interns
    2. Post Graduate Interns
  3. Clinical Exposure Program for Student Affiliates
  4. Consultation Services
    1. OPD
    2. ER (after office hours and holidays)
  5. Management and of Co-Management of Patients
    1. Pediatrics
    2. IM
    3. Surgery/Orthopedics
    4. OB-Gyne
    5. Ophthalmology
  6. Supervision of PGIs, nurses, senior clerks
  7. PE (Physical Examination) for Detention
    1. OPD
    2. ER (after office hours & holidays)
  8. Issuance of Medical and Medico-Legal Certificate/Certificate of ConfinementPreliminary Screening of Applicants for selected positions (Nurses, Med techs, nurse Aides, Midwives, Rad techs, Pharmacists, Dentists, Resident Physicians, Consultants, Doctors, Social Workers, Dietitian)
    1. OPD
    2. ER
    3. Medical Records
    4. Dental Section
    5. Ophthalmology Section
    6. Surgery
  9. Preliminary Screening of Applicants for selected positions (Nurses, Med Techs, Nurse Aides, Midwives, Rad techs, Pharmacists, Dentists, Resident Physicians, Consultants, Doctors, Social Workers, Dietitian)
    1. Endorsement of Applicants

Medical / Dental Services

  1. Department of Pediatrics
    1. Provision of Neonatal Special Care
    2. Provision of Pediatric Intensive Care
    3. Performance of Special Procedures:
      1. Photo therapy
      2. Umbilical Artery or Vein Catheterization
      3. Partial Exchange Transfusion
    4. Rehabilitation of Malnourished Children
  2. Department of Internal Medicine
    1. Provision of Intensive Coronary Care
    2. Provision of Cardiovascular Care
    3. Provision of Cerebrovascular Care
    4. EKG taking and interpretation
    5. Performance of Special Procedures:
      1. Endoscopy
      2. Paracentesis
  3. Department of OB-Gyne
    1. Vaginal Deliveries
      1. Spontaneous
      2. Outlet Forceps Extraction
      3. Parital Breech Extraction
      4. Vaginal delivery after CS
      5. Episiotomy and Episiorraphy
    2. Cesarean section with or without Bilateral Tubal Ligation
    3. Manual Extraction of Placenta for retained Placentas (for deliveries outside CCMC)
    4. Minor Gynecologic Operations
      1. Delatation and Curettages
      2. Fractional Curettage
      3. Polypectomy
      4. Marsupialization
      5. Repair of Post Coital Lacerations
    5. Major Gynecologic Operations
      1. Suction curettage for Hydatidiform Mole
      2. Salpingectomy
      3. Salpingo- Oophorectomy
      4. Hysterectomy (abdominal, vaginal)
    6. Department of Opthalmology
      1. Opthalmologic Surgical Operations
        1. Major
          1. Phacoemulsification with PCIOL
          2. Extracapsular Cataract Extraction with Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens Implantation
          3. Pterygium excision with conjunctival autograft
          4. Trabeculectomy
          5. Repair of corneoscleral lacerations
          6. Dacryocystorhinostomy
          7. Repair of orbital wall fractures
          8. Penetrating keratoplasty (corneal transplant)
          9. Intravitreal injection of antibiotics
          10. Evisceration, enucleation, exenteration
          11. Excision biopsy
          12. Strabismus surgery
        2. Minor
          1. Incision and curettage
          2. Pterygium Excision
          3. Suturing of periorbital lacerations
    7. Department of Surgery
      1. Performs Surgical Operations
        1. Major Surgery
        2. Minor Surgery
      2. Tumor Clinic
      3. Attends to Court Calls
    8. Dental Section
      1. Dental Restorative procedures
        1. Dental Fillings
        2. Root Canal Therapy
      2. Oral Prophylaxis
      3. Dental X-ray
      4. Dental Surgical Procedures
        1. Tooth extractions
        2. Impacted Teeth Surgery
        3. Impacted Teeth Surgery
      5. Canker Sore Medication
    9. Emergency Room
      1. Admission
      2. Performance of Emergency Procedures
        1. Intubation
        2. Nebulization
        3. Suctioning
        4. IV Insertation
        5. Thoracotomy
        6. IV Cut Down
        7. Intra - osseous insertion
        8. Umbilical Catherization
        9. EKG Taking
        10. Stabotomy
        11. FBC Insertion
        12. NGT Insertion
      3. Performance of Surgical Interventions
        1. Suturing and Wound Dressing
        2. Debridement of Burns
        3. Cord Dressing for outside Deliveries
      4. Referrals to Other Agencies
      5. ER Delivery
      6. Liqour Test
      Advocacy for Violet Ribbon
      1. PE for Battered Wives
    10. Out-Patient Department
      1. Maintenance and Safekeeping of OPD patients’ records
      2. Issuance of CP Clearance
      3. Continuity Clinic
    11. Surgery
      1. Minor Operation
        1. Wound Dressing
        2. Removal of Sutures
      2. Orthopedic Clinic
      3. Referral of Dog bite cases for vaccination
    12. Internal Medicine
      1. Diabetes Clinic
      2. Referral of x-ray positive patients to TB Diagnostic Committee
    13. OB-Gyne
      1. Prenatal Care especially for high-risk pregnancies
      2. Post-partum clinic
      3. Family Planning Counseling
      4. Breastfeeding Clinic/ Mother’s Class
      5. Gynecologic Consultation and Clearance
      6. Pap Smear
      7. Endometrial Biopsy
      8. Excisional Biopsy
      9. Cervical Punch Biopsy
      10. Removal of IUD
    14. Pediatrics
      1. Well-baby Clinic
      2. Immunization Services
      3. Provision of Vitamin A Supplementation
      4. TB Diagnostic and Treatment Clinic
        1. Mantoux Tst
      5. Sub-Specialty Clinics
        1. Cardiology
        2. Neurology
        3. Pulmonology
        4. Endocrinology
        5. Neonatology
        6. Hematology/Oncology
        7. Infectious Diseases
        8. Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Ancillary Services

  1. Laboratory Section
    1. Preparation of Specimen for Outside Laboratory Examination:
      1. Provides Clinical Chemistry Examination
      2. Blood Centrifugation
      3. Donor Extraction
    2. Provision of Laboratory Examinations
      1. Provides Clinical Chemistry Examination
      2. Provides Hematological Examination
      3. Provides Blood and Serology Examination
      4. Provides Clinical Microscopic Examination
      5. Provides Microbiologic Examination
      6. Provides Histopathological and Cytological Examination
    3. Blood Bank
  2. Organ Imaging Department
    1. Performance of Diagnostic Imaging
      1. X-ray
      2. Ultra Sound
      3. Mammography
  3. Pharmacy Section
    1. Dispensing of Medicines
    2. Provision of Information on Available Drugs and Supplies
  4. Dietary Section
    1. Serving meals to patients and few personnel
      1. Plans Menu
      2. Purchase food and other supplies
      3. Prepares food for patients, co- employees and visitors
    2. Dietary Instruction and Counseling
  5. Medical Social Service
    1. Provision of discounts to patients
    2. Referral of indigent patients to GO's and NGO's
    3. Institutional placement of neglected/abandoned babies and patients
    4. Home Conduction of abandoned patients
  6. Medical Records Section
    1. Preparation & submission reports and hospital statistics
    2. Maintenance of Medical Records
      1. Indicates code of Diseases according to Comprehensive International Classification of Disease - Version 10
      2. Updates Hospital Logbook; Assigning of Terminal- digit Number on Charts;
      3. Collects Patients Chart from Wards
      4. Provides medical records for reference
    3. Preparation of Certificate of Live Birth and Live Birth for Late registration
    4. Issuance of Medical and Medico - Legal Certificate
    5. Attendance to Court Calls

Nursing Services

  1. Total Nursing Care
    1. Major
      1. Carries out Doctor's Order
      2. Administers Medicine
      3. Prepares patient for operation (elective and emergency)
      4. Takes Vital signs
    2. Minor
      1. Conducts endorsement of clients
      2. Documents services provided to clients
      3. Renders independent nursing care
      4. Assists in operations (minor and major) and special procedure
      5. Conducts Health teaching and Counseling
      6. Facilitates transport of patients
      7. Facilitates admission of patients
      8. Facilitates discharge of patients
      9. Provides Post-mortem care
      10. Provides supplies to different areas
  2. Supervise Affiliates/guards/janitorial/funeral parlor reps
  3. Provides the staff opportunities for learning
  4. Communication and Information Services

College of Nursing Services

  1. Student Services
    1. Admission of Students
    2. Enrollment
    3. Formal Classroom Teaching
    4. Supervision of Students in their RLE
    5. Provision of Library Services
    6. Issuance of Official Documents
  2. Administrative Services
    1. Processing of MOA
    2. Processing of Payroll
    3. Acquisition of Supplies and Equipments
    4. Inventory of Supplies
    5. Inventory of equipment

Administrative Services

  1. Administrative Section
    1. Personnel Services
      1. Processing of Contracts (Service, Residency, MOA of Affiliates / PGIs)
      2. Isuance of Certificates
        1. Employement
        2. Service record
        3. Take home pay
        4. First day of service
      3. Orientation of New Employees on Administrative Protocol
    2. Personnel Leave and Absences Services
      1. Maintenance of Personnel Record (Attendance, Leave, Tardiness and Absences)
        1. Keeps a ledger/record on all employees
        2. Prepares filed leave/ absence
        3. Updates record on leave/ absence
        4. Prepares and submits monthly report on employees’ absences and tardiness
        5. Prepares Bundy card of all employees
        6. Fills- in updated leave credits of employees in loan application forms.
    3. Processing of Salaries, Wages and Benefits
    4. Records and Documentation Services
    5. Filing of Hospital Accreditation Documents
      1. Prepares documents for renewal of CCMC license, accreditation feeds for all departments
      2. Receives and records GSIS/ SSS, PhilHealth checks, affiliation fees, turned over to the PhilHealth and Billing Section
    6. Preparation of voucher and documents of personnel attending seminars, trainings and conventions
  2. Billing Section
    1. Attends to clients in the settlement of hospital bill
    2. Processing of Phil Health Claims
    3. Preparation of voucher for refund to clients
  3. Property Section
    1. Procurement of Hospital Supplies, Materials and Equipment
    2. Facilitates Payment of Purchases
    3. Inventory of Supplies, Materials and Equipments
    4. Reproduction/ Mimeographing
    5. Storage of Official Forms
  4. Maintenance Section
    1. Preventive Maintenance
      1. office Equipments (Aircon Units, typewriters, telephones, paging system)
      2. Generator
      3. Laboratory Equipments
      4. OR/ER Facilities
    2. Repair of equipments, and Plumbing, Electrical, carpentry fixtures
    3. Performs or responds to requests (other than repairs) for electrical, plumbing and carpentry works
    4. Prepares Architectural Plans for Hospital Project and Renovation


In spite of the hospital’s authorized bed capacity of 98 beds, CCMC has catered to a total of the following, to wit:







  • Enrolled with PhilHealth a total of 2,228 indigents under the Point Of Care (POC) Program
  • July – December 2016  -  1,347 indigents enrolled
  • January – May 2017   -   881 indigents enrolled
  • Established the Cebu City Government employees’ Health Profiling Program

ü  The Health Profiles provide a snapshot overview of health for each Cebu City Government employees and be primarily of use to improve health conditions of city government employees and reduce health inequalities.

ü  100% of Cebu City Government employees health profiles has already been documented.

  • Conducted weekly Medical Mission at Cebu City Jail, Barangay Kalunasan
  • Conducted monthly Health Awarness Program at Out-patient Department
  • Conducted Enhancement Seminar (twice a month) on Fundamentals of Nursing (Retooling and Case Conferences).
  • Nurses are the fronliners of hospial operations and the Nursing Department comprises 60% of the workforce of the hosptial.
  • “PAGDUMALA” (Pag-duaw; Pag-malasakit; Pag-lagsik)
  • A new program conducted by a team of health professionals of CCMC that provides home follow-up care, health education, and referral of clients to appropriate agencies for further assistance.
  • Management of patients and the delivery of quality basic services should benefit more from integration between in-hospital services and home care.
  • Recurrence of diseases as well as re-admission to hospitals could be reduced if patients (especially severe patients) are provided with regular nursing and rehabilitation services at their homes particularly during the period after discharge from hospital.
  • Currently, 460 patients have been catered to through this Program from September 5, 2016 – present.
  • Status of the Construction of New CCMC Building as of July 13, 2017  -  69.03% accomplished (source: DEPW)

(A satellite hospital of CCMC with 25-beds capacity)

  • On-going renovation and expansion of Guba Community Hospital in collaboration with the Department of Health RO VII
  • Installation of the new Organ Imaging Department
  • Collaboration with VSMMC in terms of Medical Services (VSMMC designated doctors to coduct consultations at GCH Out-patient Department)

Personnel Complement: 

Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC)




Resident Physicians Consultants
Medical 19 24 52 95
Dental 4 - - 4
Administrative 66 - - 66
Ancillary 76 - - 76
Nursing 229 - - 229
Total 394




Guba Community Hospital (GCH)




Resident Physicians Consultants
Medical - 5 - 5
Dental - - - -
Administrative 18 - - 18
Ancillary 12 - - 12
Nursing 23 - - 23
Total 53





      There are about 55 personnel including training residents and consultants under the Medical/Dental Services Unit, 55 personnel in the Ancillary services Unit, 158 personnel charged in the Nursing Service, 47 personnel in the Administrative level and 15 personnel in Guba Emergency Hospital.

      To sum it up, CCMC has 330 staff and personnel with 138 permanent employees, 143 casual, 35 contractual employees and 14 consultants.


Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC)
N. Bacalso Ave., Barangay Pahina Central
Cebu City 6000
Telephone Nos.: (032) 512 4622 (Information)
(032) 254 0517 (Administrative Office)
(032) 254 1058 (Emergency Department)
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guba Community Hospital (GCH)
Barangay Guba, Cebu City 6000

Hospital Administrator: Kenneth T. Siasar, RN

Medical Director: Gloria T. Duterte, MD

Assistant Medical Director: Anton Oliver A. Reposar II, MD


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0 #1 Steve John Comajes 2018-01-25 14:56
Re: Concern about the refund of my philhealth.

Good Day,

Dear; Sir/Ma'am

I would like to follow-up my philhealth refund.

May Daughter was admitted last August 27,2016 and discharge from your hospital was October 10,2016.

It is almost 2yrs & 3months still i didn't receive my refund from your hospital.

I would like to inquire how long do i need to wait to receive my refund?

Otherwise i will send this complain to the office of Mr. President Duterte that this kind of process it takes long time almost 2yrs and 3months.

Hope to hear your feed back soonest.

Patient: Alyssa Mary Chen Magpatoc Comajes
Hospital: Cebu City Medical Center

Thank you

Steve John V. Comajes
SSF - Operations
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