City Health Department


A responsive department guided by a highly principled leadership adapting different health strategies, supported by strong inter/intra-sectoral  partnership focusing on the under privileged residents leading to a healthy and empowered populace.


  • To ensure the highest standard of quality health services are provided to all especially the underserved through Primary Health Care Approach.
  • To ensure the delivery of delivery of Health Care services are provided in an integrated and convergent manner
  • To ensure the continuous professional educational and development of Health Worker.
  • To ensure the spiritual, moral, social and economic needs of health are met

Legal Mandate

Cebu City Health Department is mandated to promote health, prevent the occurrence of illnesses and control the spread of communicable diseases by providing the highest standard of quality health services to its constituents especially to the underserved populace by mobilizing communities, empowering people and saving lives through the years.



0 # Andrea Colina 2016-09-22 08:58
Goodmorning, pwede mo ask for infant morbidity sa cebu provinces?
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+1 # Ralph 2016-12-22 23:53
[censored]o ! good day ! ask lang ko for the basic functions and health services sa cebu city health office . thank you. GOD bless ! :D
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0 # Jm 2016-12-28 17:42
Awful Service in City Health. I payed for my healthcard in the cashier but indstead the teller told me she doesn't have change. So, she told me to have my cash in change. I was dissapointed knowing that cashiers should be ready with their money before starting operations. I had to look for change outside the establishment and cross the street to buy some bread just so I can change my 1,000php. Please look into this, that's why our country isn't progressive because of the slow and lame system with the government establishments.
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