City Health Department


City Health Department Services

  • Treatment and Management of Animal Bite Cases
  • Registration and Treatment of Tuberculosis (TB) Cases
  • Registration and Treatment of Genexpert Cases
  • Registration and Treatment of TBDC Cases
  • Issuance of Sanitary Permit ( Food & Non - Food Establishments )
  • Issuance of Death Certificate to Non - Medical Attendance (Home Deaths) (DOA)
  • Issuance of Permit for the Disposal of Dead Person
  • Laboratory Services :
    • Hematology and Urinalysis

    • Serology

    • Stool Culture & Stool Examination ( FOR HEALTH CARD PURPOSES )

    • Realeasing of Water Analysis Report

  • Issuance of Health Certificates

  • Renewal and Issuance of Health Card to New Registrants

  • Chest PA Xray Services 


Barangay Health Center Services

A. Maternal Health Care

  1. Prenatal Consultation
  2. Identification and management of HR-Pregnancy
  3. Provision of Micronutrients to pregnant women/PP women
  4. Provision of TT Immunization to AP Women
  5. Labor watch or partograph
  6. Health Center deliveries
  7. Post partum follow-up
  8. FP assistance and counseling

B. Child Care

  1. Primary Immunization
  2. Management and storage of vaccines
  3. Measles Elimination Campaign
  4. Polio-free Maintenance Immunization
  5. Vitamin A Provision
  6. IMCI protocol (Integrated Management of Childhood Illness)
  7. Master-listing of malnourished children
  8. Referral of severely Malnourished Children to hospital

C. Communicable Disease Control

  1. Sputum collection for TB symptomatics
  2. Directly Observed Treatment (DOTS for Smear + TB Cases)
  3. Validation review of chest x-ray films of smear – cases
  4. Skin examination ( for Leprosy )
  5. Leprosy treatment
  6. Syndromic management of STDs
  7. HIV/AIDS screening
  8. Social hygiene clinic for commercial sex workers
  9. Issuance / updating of health cards to commercial sex workers
  10. Counseling of STD/HIV/AIDS Clients
  11. Outreach clinic at Kamagayan reproductive tract problems
  12. Rabies post exposure prophylaxis
  13. Rabies Post exposure Treatment
  14. Health information on Responsible ownership
  15. Dengue Assessment and Management
  16. Platelet count / Hematocrit Determination
  17. Referral of dengue hemorrhagic fever cases
  18. TT Immunization following wound exposure
  19. Hospital surveillance


0 #13 Need Help 2018-03-15 00:18
I need Help finding the drug "Praziquantel" for humans in cebu? answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
0 #12 John 2018-02-01 19:27
good evening maam, how much fees po for STD and HIV testing?
0 #11 John 2018-01-31 08:15
City health should be concerned about Aids and scandalous behavior leading to std in people. If this were the case then I hope they work with the police in closing down prostitution massage parlors like stressfree massage. It's ashame to philippines to allow such things.
0 #10 Joyce 2018-01-26 10:25
How to complain about business sanitation?
0 #9 Mark 2018-01-22 16:12
May free STI/HIV test po bah??
0 #8 DADA 2018-01-08 07:21
Is there any payment when it regards to check up?
0 #7 Chona Hilton 2017-11-09 01:05
Will you kindly tell me how to obtain my immunization record? I live in United States now and I needed it for school purposes.
Thank you.
0 #6 AMIL F. OPIGAL 2017-09-25 16:17
We are sorry to inform you that we cannot give you a data for the province of cebu.
0 #5 crislyn 2017-08-31 19:12
hi good evening
open ang city health ugma?
0 #4 Krystle Cavaloda 2017-08-19 16:59
Good afternoon can i ask about the statistics for hepatitis B? Needed for educational purposes thank you so much.
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