Cebu City Traffic Operations Management

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By the year 2013, CITOM is an organized department with professionalized personnel and efficient logistical support.


CITOM as the traffic enforcement arm of the City of Cebu commits to provide the best traffic management services to the general public and other component cities and municipalities thru information dissemination, maintenance of road users safety and orderliness, and proactive traffic control measures by:

  1. Providing modern traffic facilities;
  2. Conducting continuous traffic education;
  3. Upgrading the quality of enforcement with competent traffic personnel; and
  4. Continuing the impartial enforcement of traffic laws and regulations.


City Ordinance No. 1264 was enacted on October 19, 1987 creating the Cebu City Traffic Management Coordination Committee (CITOM).

City Ordinance No. 1264 was amended through City Ordinance No. 1451 on May 17. 1993. The most important goal of the CITOM Board is to make Cebu City an orderly urban locality with a comprehensive, measurable and sustainable Traffic Management Plan coordinated by the united efforts of all agencies concerned

There are other related objectives of the Board, such as:

  1. Provide infrastructure support to create a safe and efficient city road network;
  2. Educate road users in the comprehension, observance, and use of traffic signs, signal devices and controls;
  3. Enforce traffic laws in order to maintain road user discipline in the city; and
  4. Assist the city legislators in the drafting of new laws and ordinances regarding traffic management.

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