Cebu City Transportation Office


  1. Anti Smoke Belching
  • Two (2) teams: Monday - Friday operation of the anti-smoke belching team within Cebu City
  • With apprehension target of 40  vehicle units per day each team. (private and public vehicles)
  1. Trisikad Ban
  • Apprehensions & impoundment of Trisikads
  1. Traffic Educations within Cebu City (including schools and other establishments)
  • Educates Students & the public on traffic rules and safety
  1. Pedestrian Road Safety Lecture (Jaywalking, embarking/disembarking violators)
  • Give Seminars/Lectures to Jaywalking, embarking/disembarking violators
  1. Replacement of old traffic lights
  1. Travel lines (for PUJ's passing & within Cebu City)
  • Issue Travel lines to PUJ's
  1. Conduct Deputation Seminar
  • Brgy. Officials
  • Brgy. Tanods
  • Govt. Employees
  • Security Guards
  1. Conduct Defensive Driving Seminar
  2. Adjudication Process
  3. MCH Franchise/Permit
  4. CITOM ID for PUJ & TAXI Drivers
  5. Delivery permit
  6. Incident Reports

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