Department of Public Services


The Department of Public Services was created to effectively address the City’s problems on solid waste management and disposal, street cleaning, street lighting, artesian wells services and repair and maintenance of garbage trucks.


To accomplish and carry out the basic services to the public ever sensitive to its changing needs at the fullest extent of our collective efforts and capabilities with the barest minimum cost to the City Government.


To make Cebu City the cleanest and most orderly City in the South through the observance and implementation of a sound Clean and green Program.




With 621 total actual work force, DPS is divided into five (5) divisions.

  1. Administrative Division
  2. Environmental Sanitation Division

    1. Street cleaning
      1. sweeping of City Streets
      2. removal of graffiti
      3. grass cutting
      4. removal of silts, earth mounds along city streets
    2. Composting
      1. Segregation of Organize Waste
      2. Shredding
      3. Converting organic waste into soil conditioner
    3. Other Activities
      1. active participation in the coastal clean-up done quarterly
  3. Garbage Collection Division
  4. Water Services Division

    1. Repair and Maintenance
      1. Artesian Wells (north and south districts)
      2. Barrio waterworks
    2. Drilling / Re-Drilling
    3. New Installation of Jetmatic Pumps
    4. Construction / Installation
      1. PAGCOR funds
        • Art. wells at Brgy. Busay, La Guardia (4 units)
      2. SB 3
        • Artesian wells - 7 barangays (6 units)
        • Concrete water reservoir and polyethelene hose installation
      3. AIP Projects
        • Concrete water reservoir (2 units)
        • Spring box and p. hose installation (3 units)
        • Purchase of INCA water tanks (for 2 brgys.)
        • Installation of pipelines (1 brgy)
      4. SB 7
        • Concrete water reservoir (2 units)
        • Spring box (1 unit)
        • Artesian wells (3 units)
        • Purchase of supplies and materials for the rehabilitation of diff. water supply facilites.
  5. Streetlighting Division Projects

Contact Us


SRP Building

South Road Proeprties, Cebu City 

Tel. No. 4110100 local 3105

OIC: Engr. Roberto "Bob" A. Cabarrubias

Assistant OIC:  Mr. John Paul Gelasque


Office of the Assistant Dept. Head

Tel. No. 4110100 local 3102

Asst. Dept. Head: John Paul Gelasque

Administrative Division

Tel. No. 4110100 local 3106

Chief: Ms. Jannice Redulla / Mr. Julius Golosino

Garbage Collection Division

Tel. Nos.

OIC: Ms. Grace Luardo / Mr. Judelito Vano

Tubig Project

Tel. No. 

Chief: Mr. Joe Marie Yap

Streetlighting Division

Tel. No.

Chief: Mr. Julius Golosino

Sanitary Landfill

Tel. No. 2721057

Head: Mr. Randy Navarro 

Records/Personnel Section

Tel. No. 2383995

In-charge: Mr. Edmond Leyson

Payroll/ Budget Section

Tel. No. 2383995

In-charge: Ms. Teresita V. Watin

Environmental Sanitation Division

Tel. No. 411011 local 3107 

In-charge: Engr. Arsenio Uy

Property Section

Tel. No. 4110100 local 3114

Chief: Mr. Gil Mangyao

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