Department of Veterinary Medicine & Fisheries



  1. Public Health Division
    1. Meat Inspection 
      • Meat inspection in private abattoir
      • Post abattoir inspection at supermarkets and public markets
    2. Meat Enforcement Regulations Implemented
      • Registration of private slaughter house
      • Registration of lechon dealers
      • Registration and licensing of: Butchers, Helpers, Meat Handlers, Meat stall owners and Meat vendors
  2. Animal Health Division
    1. Animal Health Care Services Management
      • Immunization of small and livestock animals
      • Disease prevention and treatment management of small and livestock animals
    2. Animal Population Control Services 
      • Dogs and cats sterilization services (Spay and neuter)
      • Unredeemed and unworthy pets euthanization
      • Impounding services
    3. Registration of Dogs and Cats Services
  3. Fishery Division
    1. Ocular Marine Resources Inspection
      • Daily fish inspection
      • Reinspection of fish and other aquatics products in supermarkets
      • Fish sampling services
  4. Administrative Division
    1. Office Administration
      • Budget Management Services
      • Department/Office Employees DPCR and IPCR evaluated
      • Employee Discipline and Morale Maintained
      • Employee's Benefits Facilitated
    2. Supplies and Property Management Services
      • Department Supplies and Equipment Accounted For
    3. Records Management Services
      • Office Records Maintained
      • Office Correspondence and Communications Management
      • Preparation and Submission of Reports

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