Department of Veterinary Medicine & Fisheries


By: Lhimlhim Cimagala
(Administrative Officer V-DVMF)

Cebu City has been known for many of its distinct and valuable features. The rest of the world has acclaimed the beauty of Cebu and its people. But there are more than its captivating beaches and the hospitality of its residents. The food that Cebu has to offer to the world are mouthwatering and somehow the reason why one should go back to Cebu. Chorizo which is a quality-processed sausages made with tender love by the finest fingers has gained a status of being the most wanted delicacy which even tagged as Chorizo de Cebu. Tasting the delectable Chorizo de Cebu, one may ask, “Where is this Chorizo made from?”


CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES- The most noted makers/processors of Chorizo de Cebu are the meat vendors in Cebu City. Its processing is done in public wet markets using ingredients only known to them. With this, the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries (DVMF) as the agency of the Cebu City Government strictly monitoring and conducting meat inspection deemed it a necessity to regulate the processing of chorizo in wet markets. At first, it was only a matter of hygiene and sanitation that the department is deeply looking into until one concern demanded an immediate attention. Because of its palatability, Chorizo de Cebu has captured the world market. However, makers cannot transport its produce due to documentary requirements. Considering the place of its production/manufacturing, chorizo makers are having hard time to secure these documentary requirements. These have been taken serious action by DVMF. Previously, a strong campaign against processing done in wet markets has been implemented by the department. But, campaigning is not enough since they need assistance on how to transcend from the tradition they have been into.



With all these facts, important dates may form part of the history of how Cebu’s Pride is amplified, thus;

 July 13, 2016- Food Safety Seminar for Meat Processors and Chorizo Makers at public markets was held in Social Hall, Legislative Building, Cebu City Hall. This is in cooperation with the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), AFOS Foundation and the National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS).


The seminar gained a huge support from the chorizo makers. Several of them attended and participated during the discussion. In the forum, all chorizo makers were urged to have an enclosed processing area at the market solely for chorizo processing since processing of chorizo at meat stalls was very unsanitary and the possibility of contamination could occur. As the host/moderator or said meeting, I have sensed resistance from meat vendors on the new directive that they have to comply. Good thing, Dr. Alice T. Utlang, City Veterinarian was very diplomatic and responsive in addressing their concerns. They arrived at a decision, to have an enclosed processing area in the market solely for chorizo processing.

Although a consensus was reached in this seminar, series of meetings were still conducted to show how serious the Cebu City Government thru DVMF is on this matter. On July 17-31, 2016, series of meetings and ocular inspections were conducted at public markets particularly Carbon, Taboan, T. Padilla and Pardo. They were given deadlines as to when these facilities shall start to function.

In response to this thrust, vendors in wet markets responded positively.




It sounds impossible during the first stage of its implementation. But, chorizos are now processed in clean, well sanitized areas inside wet markets. Accreditation of these processing facilities is now being lobbied by the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries (DVMF) to the Bureau of Food and Drug Administration (BFAD). List of chorizo makers and their ingredients are being endorsed to BFAD for verification. The effort of DVMF is truly compensating. Chorizo-a delicacy from Cebu is truly worth to be bought and even displayed as one of “Cebu’s Must Have”.








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