Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor


  1. Facilitate acquisition of lots for on or off-site resettlement.
  2. Awarding of lots to qualified socialized housing program beneficiaries
  3. Facilitate financial assistance
  4. Self-help projects
  5. Site Development
  6. Conduct of homelot surveys
  7. Facilitate for the approval of subdivision plan
  8. Titling
  9. Facilitate manifestation and extension from the court for urban poor association affected by court order demolition
  10. Assistance to the urban poor families under Presidential Proclamation projects
  11. Facilitate release of financial assistance for families affected by demolition
  12. Formulation of POWE’s for self-help projects
  13. Conduct of Socio-Economic Survey
  14. Issuance of DWUP Certification
  15. Facilitate transfer of Transfer of Certificate of Titles from owner to City of Cebu

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