Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor

DWUP Sections



  1. Support Services Section
    • Recommends issuance for temporary permit.
    • Responsible for the acquisition and delivery of basic services thru self-help projects.
    • Evaluate and monitor implementation stage of each self-help project.
    • Responsible for the conduct of preliminary data gathering (socio-economic survey).
    • Serves as the secretariat of Beneficiary Screening Tools.
    • Validate BST Applicants against the beneficiary list of DWUP, NHA and SIR.
    • Responsible for the issuance of DWUP Certificates to qualified BST applicants.
    • Responsible for the processing of transfer of title from lot owner to City of Cebu.
    • Responsible for the conduct of unitization and individualization of titles to names of our individual beneficiary.
    • Perform other task/assignments related to our expertise delegated to us by the Office Head.
  2. Land Tenure Section
    • Incharge in the preparation and implementation of CMP.
    • Conduct CMP orientation and loan packaging of PCL application.
    • Facilitate the execution of DOS and transfer of title in the name of the CA.
    • Prepare compliance and NHMFC funds release.
    • Award, collection, monitoring, unitization of title and estate management.
    • Conduct housing orientation and loan packaging of the program.
    • Prepare/facilitate signing of undertakings, intergratiomechanismsand cost recovery.
    • Mother MOA by and between the LGU and the CA.
    • Individual MOA by and between the CA and its members.
    • Facilitate BST for qualifying beneficiaries per documents.
    • Masterlisting, awarding of homelots to the qualified beneficiaries of the program.
    • Facilitate LHB, SP, concurrence approval.
    • Awarding, indorsed for financial monitoring.
    • Facilitate unitization and awarding of titles.
    • Cause of tax exemption availments.
  3. Administrative Section
    • Salaries and wages of staff employees
    • Internal disbursement
    • Procurement
    • Logistic support
    • Office Maintenance
    • General Services
    • Property and Equipment
    • Human Resources
    • Record Keeping
    • Office Budget Operation
    • Process Payment of Lots
  4. Financial and Monitoring Section
    • Responsible for the collection and recovery of funds.
    • Update record of collection including. penalties interest and principal loan.
    • Responsible for the issuance of notice/ demand letter.
    • Submit monthly financial report to the Office Head.
    • Submit quarterly City Housing Program and CMP Awarded areas CER to the Office Head.
    • Evaluate and examine project loan application for buffer funding and land acquisition for housing.
    • Perform such other related duties and responsibilities as maybe assigned or delegated by the Office Head.
    • Provide with services relating to budget, collection, disbursement and other financial matters.
    • Report recommendation relative to defaulted and delinquent housing awardees.
    • Fund Controller.
  5. Land Investigation Section
    • Arouse organize and mobilize residents / community / HOA for issue / problem resolution.
    • Assist residents community / HOA with self-help program and coordinate with the basic services for the speedy of the basic services needs.
    • Facilitate and intervene walk-in cases of urban poor clients with particular to land disputes and tenurial problem.
    • Facilitate community/HOA documents in complying for Presidential Proclamation.
    • Monitor and intervene demolition cases and determine affected families who are qualified beneficiaries of Socialized Housing Program for them to be accommodated to City’s available resettlement projects.
    • Coordinate with different Local Shelter and Housing agencies like NHA and HUDCC a targets for possible resolution of urban poor issues and concern.
    • Perform other tasks and duties as maybe deemed necessary in discharging faithfully land investigation section roles and functions.
  6. Technical Section
    • Survey Assistance
      • Subdivision
      • Relocation
      • Topographic
    • Road Right of Way Opening
    • Program of Works and Estimate Assistance
    • Land Evaluation
    • Site Development Preparation
    • Subdivision approved for Segregation

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