Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor


In 1988, the Cebu City Government established the City Commission for the Urban Poor with Ms. Tessie Fernandez as its 1st Commissioner.

In 1994, CCUP’s name was upgraded into a Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor (DWUP) through Ordinance 1524. DWUP is the city’s implementing arm on land, housing, basic social services and other urban poor concerns.


A city whose homeless constituents enjoy affordable and adequate housing.


DWUP commits to implement the City’s socialized housing program and provide services towards addressing the tenurial and housing needs of the homeless citizens.

Legal Mandate

City Ordinance No. 1524

  • An ordinance creating the Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor, formerly the City Commission for Urban Poor under the Office of the Mayor.

Republic Act 7279

  • Otherwise known as Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992.

Philippine Constitution

  • Article XIII (Social Justice Clause) Section 9 and 10


  1. Facilitate acquisition of lots for on or off-site resettlement.
  2. Awarding of lots to qualified socialized housing program beneficiaries
  3. Facilitate financial assistance
  4. Self-help projects
  5. Site Development
  6. Conduct of homelot surveys
  7. Facilitate for the approval of subdivision plan
  8. Titling
  9. Facilitate manifestation and extension from the court for urban poor association affected by court order demolition
  10. Assistance to the urban poor families under Presidential Proclamation projects
  11. Facilitate release of financial assistance for families affected by demolition
  12. Formulation of POWE’s for self-help projects
  13. Conduct of Socio-Economic Survey
  14. Issuance of DWUP Certification
  15. Facilitate transfer of Transfer of Certificate of Titles from owner to City of Cebu

DWUP Sections



  1. Support Services Section
    • Recommends issuance for temporary permit.
    • Responsible for the acquisition and delivery of basic services thru self-help projects.
    • Evaluate and monitor implementation stage of each self-help project.
    • Responsible for the conduct of preliminary data gathering (socio-economic survey).
    • Serves as the secretariat of Beneficiary Screening Tools.
    • Validate BST Applicants against the beneficiary list of DWUP, NHA and SIR.
    • Responsible for the issuance of DWUP Certificates to qualified BST applicants.
    • Responsible for the processing of transfer of title from lot owner to City of Cebu.
    • Responsible for the conduct of unitization and individualization of titles to names of our individual beneficiary.
    • Perform other task/assignments related to our expertise delegated to us by the Office Head.
  2. Land Tenure Section
    • Incharge in the preparation and implementation of CMP.
    • Conduct CMP orientation and loan packaging of PCL application.
    • Facilitate the execution of DOS and transfer of title in the name of the CA.
    • Prepare compliance and NHMFC funds release.
    • Award, collection, monitoring, unitization of title and estate management.
    • Conduct housing orientation and loan packaging of the program.
    • Prepare/facilitate signing of undertakings, intergratiomechanismsand cost recovery.
    • Mother MOA by and between the LGU and the CA.
    • Individual MOA by and between the CA and its members.
    • Facilitate BST for qualifying beneficiaries per documents.
    • Masterlisting, awarding of homelots to the qualified beneficiaries of the program.
    • Facilitate LHB, SP, concurrence approval.
    • Awarding, indorsed for financial monitoring.
    • Facilitate unitization and awarding of titles.
    • Cause of tax exemption availments.
  3. Administrative Section
    • Salaries and wages of staff employees
    • Internal disbursement
    • Procurement
    • Logistic support
    • Office Maintenance
    • General Services
    • Property and Equipment
    • Human Resources
    • Record Keeping
    • Office Budget Operation
    • Process Payment of Lots
  4. Financial and Monitoring Section
    • Responsible for the collection and recovery of funds.
    • Update record of collection including. penalties interest and principal loan.
    • Responsible for the issuance of notice/ demand letter.
    • Submit monthly financial report to the Office Head.
    • Submit quarterly City Housing Program and CMP Awarded areas CER to the Office Head.
    • Evaluate and examine project loan application for buffer funding and land acquisition for housing.
    • Perform such other related duties and responsibilities as maybe assigned or delegated by the Office Head.
    • Provide with services relating to budget, collection, disbursement and other financial matters.
    • Report recommendation relative to defaulted and delinquent housing awardees.
    • Fund Controller.
  5. Land Investigation Section
    • Arouse organize and mobilize residents / community / HOA for issue / problem resolution.
    • Assist residents community / HOA with self-help program and coordinate with the basic services for the speedy of the basic services needs.
    • Facilitate and intervene walk-in cases of urban poor clients with particular to land disputes and tenurial problem.
    • Facilitate community/HOA documents in complying for Presidential Proclamation.
    • Monitor and intervene demolition cases and determine affected families who are qualified beneficiaries of Socialized Housing Program for them to be accommodated to City’s available resettlement projects.
    • Coordinate with different Local Shelter and Housing agencies like NHA and HUDCC a targets for possible resolution of urban poor issues and concern.
    • Perform other tasks and duties as maybe deemed necessary in discharging faithfully land investigation section roles and functions.
  6. Technical Section
    • Survey Assistance
      • Subdivision
      • Relocation
      • Topographic
    • Road Right of Way Opening
    • Program of Works and Estimate Assistance
    • Land Evaluation
    • Site Development Preparation
    • Subdivision approved for Segregation


Beneficiary Listing

     In response to Section 17 of the Urban Development and Housing Act, Cebu City created the City Registration Committee in 1993.

     Registration with the committee entitles an urban poor to avail of the city’s socialized housing programs.

1993 1996 2000 2001 2002 2003 2006 Total
29, 832 3, 776 21, 721 1, 333 780 221 1, 049 58, 712 families

The Cebu City Government has the following socialized housing programs:

  • City-Owned Rehabilitation of Estates (CORE)
  • City Housing and Acquisition of Privately-Owned Lots (CHAPEL)
  • Acquisition and Disposition of Relocation Sites (RESETTLEMENT)
  • The City as an Originator of the Community Mortgage Program (CMP)
  • Direct Purchase (Community Association to Land Owner)
  • SPECIAL PROJECTS which includes Presidential Proclamations, MSA, Provinced-Owned Lots, Executive Orders

The Cebu City Government has the following socialized housing programs:

No. of registered beneficiaries No. of Beneficiaries served per Program
CHAPEL CORE CMP Resettlement Direct Purchased (CA to Land Owner Special proj. (PPs, MSA, Provinced-owned, EO)
58, 712 2, 063 1, 970 2, 671 5, 478 1, 344 9, 871
23, 397

Cebu City Socialized Housing beneficiaries reached by National Housing Authority and Pagtambayayong Foundation, Inc programs:

NHA     = 6,341 beneficiaries
PFI       = 7,793 beneficiaries
SIR        = 2,796 beneficiaries
Total     = 16,930 beneficiaries The city’s various socialized housing programs in coordination with other housing agencies have benefited around 40,327 urban poor families but since there are about 58,712 families registered with the City Registration Committee, around 18,385 more are yet to benefit from the said socialized housing programs.


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