Bureau of Fire Protection


To prevent and suppress destructive fires, enforce fire-related laws; and provide emergency medical and rescue services.


A modern fire protection agency working towards a fire safety conscious society.

Legal Mandate

The Bureau of Fire Protection was created by virtue of RA 6975 primarily to perform the following functions:

1. Be responsible for the prevention and suppression of all destructive fires on:

  • Building, houses and other structures;
  • Forest;
  • Land transportation vehicles and equipment;
  • Ships or vessels docked at piers or wharves anchored in major seaports;
  • Petroleum industry installations;
  • Plane crashes; and
  • Other similar activities

2. Be responsible for the enforcement of the Fire Code of the Philippines (PD 1185) and other related laws;

3. Shall have the power to investigate all causes of fires and if necessary, file the proper complaint with the city or provincial prosecutor who has jurisdiction of the case;

4. In time of national emergency, all elements of the BFP shall upon direction of the President, assist the AFP in meeting the national emergency; and

5. Shall establish at least one (1) fire station with adequate personnel, firefighting facilities and equipment in every provincial capital, city and municipality subject to standard rules and regulations as maybe promulgated by the DILG.


Fire safety tips

A. At Home

  1. Put phone numbers of fire department near phone.
  2. Eliminate fire hazards through goods housekeeping. Dispose waste paper, rubbish, and other flammable materials regularly.
  3. Keep matches out of the children’s reach.
  4. Oil or gas lamps and candles should be placed away from curtains. Do not put them where the wind, children or pets may topple them. Put out the flame before going to bed.
  5. Do not keep flammable materials like gasoline, alcohol, and paint inside the house.
  6. Regularly check your electrical installations, and have all frayed wirings and electrical fixtures changed or repaired by a licensed electrician.
  7. Do not overload electrical circuits by putting additional lights and appliances.
  8. Blown fuses should not be replaced with coins, wires, or any metal.
  9. Never leave a lit cigarette/cigar/pipe unattended-it may fall on flammable materials which could start a fire.

B. Simple Home Prevention Measures

  1. Crush your cigarettes and cigar stubs thoroughly before discarding them. Provide yourselves with ashtray. Do not smoke in bed.
  2. Oil or gas and other native lamps should be place away from curtains and other objects that easily catch fire. Do not put them where the wind, children, cats or other moving beings may topple them. Put out the flame before going to bed.
  3. Do not store any flammable substance or any volatile liquid in the kitchen. Cover the flammable container tightly.
  4. Extinguish all live charcoals and embers or concentrate them in the middle of the stove after being through with kitchen chores. Make it a habit to inspect the kitchen before retiring. Most fires in the home occur at night.
  5. Keep matches and lighters away from reach of children.
  6. Clear the corners and nook of the house from rubbish, rags and other waste materials.
  7. Remove the accumulation of leaves in gutters and other parts of the roof and wood shaving and litters in the attic.
  8. Quantities of flammables, such as gasoline, oil benzene, naptha, alcohol, and other highly flammable materials should be kept in dwelling houses.

Emergency Action: Burns

  1. Small Heat Burns
    1. Remove clothing if not stuck
    2. Immerse burned area in lukewarm water or applied cold pack (never use ice) unless skin is open or blistered.
    3. Cover burn with sterile or clean dressing.
  2. Major Heat Burns
    1. Call for emergency help (usually 117) or rush conscious victim to hospital.
    2. DO NOT remove clothing, DO NOT immerse in cold water.
    3. Cover burn with clean material; keep victim warm, elevated burned feet or legs.
    4. If not breathing, give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation: tilt-lift chin, pinch nose shut, seals mouth with yours gives 2 full breaths. Repeat: 1 breath each 5 seconds.
  3. Chemical Burns
    1. If not breathing, give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation: tilt-lift chin, pinch nose shut, seals mouth with yours gives 2 full breaths. Repeat: 1 breath each 5 seconds.
    2. If chemical container is nearby, obey first aid steps on it. Keep it to show to the hospital personnel.
    3. Until helps arrived, remove clothing from burn and flood burn with water, if face is burned the eyes. DOCTORS SHOULD SEE ALL BURNS, EXCEPT IF SKIN IS REDDENED IN ONLY SMALL AREA.


Cebu City Fire Station

N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City

Tel Nos. (032) 2560541 / 2548385 or 2550862 (direct line)

Chief: Chief Insp. Rogelio DV Bongabong


Tel. No. 2560544/2560553

Chief: SFO4 Ovito B. Abelgas


Tel. Nos. 2560541/42

Hotline Nos. 160 / 117

Chief: SFO3 Fernando Oano


Tel No. 4141636

Chief: FO2 Michael Hermocilla


Tel No. 2560544

Pahina Central FSS Duty Personnel


Tel. No. 4141636

Chief: Insp. Eulalio F. Muñez 


Tel. No. 4141636

Chief: Insp. Eulalio F. Muñez


Tel. No. 4141636

Chief: SFO3 Roylim P. Maratas


Tel. No. 2729411

Chief: SFO4 Ricardo Rele Villarente Jr.


Tel. No.2628530

Chief: SFO4 Jimmy O. Layao


Tel. No. 2550785

Chief: SFO4 Delfin Abella


Tel. No. 2539474

Chief: SFO4 Jose Mardon Estrella


Tel. No. 2331510

Chief: SFO4 Angelito E. Cariño


Tel. No. 3449200

Chief: SFO3 Farido T. Gabutan


Tel. nos. 4141636

Chief: FO3 Shiela C. Balajadia


Tel. nos. 2560544/2560553

Chief: Sr. Insp. Vonrad B. Dobluis


Tel. nos. 4141636

Chief: SFO3 Ramonito G. Abot


Tel. nos. 2543655

Chief: SFO4 Ovito Abelgas

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My wife is a Filipina and is presently in Cebu for a period of time. My fire dept. is in South Carolina. We like to collect t-shirts from other places. Is it possible to purchase the t-shirts your department uses? My wife would pick them up. And if you wish, I can send some of ours for you.
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