Fort San Pedro

legal mandate

By virtue of a tripartite agreement among the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA), the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the City of Cebu made entered on the 20th day of November, 2007 in the City of Manila, Philippines, the Management, Operation and Maintenance, Administration and Control of the Fort San Pedro was transferred to the City of Cebu.

Consequentially, Executive Order No. 08-87 created on the 20th day February 2008 a body was created to be known as the PLAZA INDEPENDENCIA-FORT SAN PEDRO INTERIM POLICY AND ADVISORY BOARD (PIFSIPAB) appointing the Hon. Michael L. Rama as the Overall Overseer of the Plaza Independencia and the Fort San Pedro.

This interim management or advisory body is tasked to formulate policies relating to the administration, management, operation and maintenance of the Fort San Pedro and Plaza Independencia.


  1. Rental of grounds for functions and events
  2. Receiving and Delivering of Incoming & Outgoing Documents
  3. Provision of security to tourists and guests in Fort San Pedro
  4. Provision of security during functions
  5. Procurement of supplies and materials
  6. Payment to Suppliers
  7. Monitoring the ingress and egress of equipment and personnel in the fort
  8. Maintenance of the Comfort Rooms
  9. Landscaping and maintenance of the Fort San Pedro grounds
  10. Maintenance of electric concerns of Fort San Pedro
  11. Coordination with Concerned Offices for the Scheduled Function
  12. Collection of parking fees from vehicle owners
  13. Collection of facility Rental from Clients
  14. Collection of admission fees from students, local residents and both domestics and foreign tourists


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