Office of the Building Official


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To ensure an environmentally friendly, financially dynamic, pro-active, and self-reliant City Government.

To have well-informed and participative barangays and communities


Responsible for administration and enforcement of the provisions of the National Building Code of the Philippines known as Presidential Decree 1096, it's IRR, Related Law, and Ordinances as well as the enforcement of orders and decisions made pursuant thereto.


The Office of the Building Official adheres to the declaration of the policy of the State to safeguard life, health, property, and public welfare, consistent with the principles of sound environmental management and control.

The Office of the Building Official exists as the implementing arm for the City of Cebu to provide for all buildings and structures, a framework of minimum standards and requirements to regulate and control their location, site, design quality of materials, construction, use, occupancy and maintenance.


0 #2 Khrisna M Joquino 2018-02-14 11:59

Follow up mi sa among permit kay para makainstall na ang taga VECO sa among kuryente.. Please please expedite. Pag 3rd week of January pa daw to nasubmit sa VECO contractor. Thank you
0 #1 John Lester Dela Cru 2018-02-01 21:20
i would like to ask what are the list of requirements in applying a building permit

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