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Building Permit Requirements

The following is a list of requirements for application of building permit:

✔️Five (5) copies- Approved Locational Clearance
✔️Six (6) copies- Application Forms
✔️Five (5) sets- Building Plans
✔️Five (5) copies- Barangay Clearance (1) Original and (4)
✔️Five (5) copies- Lot Title (1) Certified True Copy and (4)
✔️Five (5) copies- Lot Tax Declaration (1) Certified True Copy
and (4) Photocopies
✔️Five (5) copies- Lot Tax Clearance (LATEST)
✔️Five (5) sets- Bill of Materials (with owner's signature and
engineer's signature and seal on EACH PAGE).
✔️Four (4) copies- Sketch Plan
✔️Four (4) copies- Secretary Certificate or Board Resolution
✔️Four (4) copies- Special Power of Attorney (of the
✔️Four (4) copies- Occupancy Certificate/Tax Declaration of the
building (for renovation)
✔️Five (5) sets- Lease of Contract/Deed of Absolute Sale

 OBO Cebu City is now strictly implementing the requiring of Construction Safety and Health Program (from DOLE). 

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+1 #1 John Lester Dela Cru 2018-02-01 21:20
i would like to ask what are the list of requirements in applying a building permit
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