Office of the City Civil Registrar


  1. Accomplished Certificate of Death (COD) in four (4) copies, original signatures affixed;
  2. Backside of COD (Affidavit for Delayed Registration of Death) must be accomplished and notarized or subscribed by authorizing officer;
  3. Certificate of No Record issued by Civil Registrar;
  4. Negative Certification issued by National Statistics Office;
  5. Death Certificate issued from the Church;
  6. Affidavit executed by the Hospital/Clinic Administrator OR attendant at death if death occurred in the said institution of under the care of the attendant; in default of the afore-mentioned the Affidavit shall be executed by the default, shall be executed by the nearest relative or the person having charge of the patient;
  7. Payment/Fee:
    Late Registration Fee Php 250.00
    Death Form Fee Php 50.00

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