Parks and Playgrounds Commission


Making Cebu City's Parks and Playgrounds the cleanest and greenest - the nation's garden city.


  1. To maintain the beautification of the city’s parks and center islands.
  2. To create awareness and respect from the public for our parks and center islands.
  3. To uphold high morale of members and workers for the Parks and Playgrounds Commission.

Legal Mandate

Parks and Playgrounds Commission was created in December 02, 1968 through Ordinance No. 647 entitled, "an ordinance creating the Cebu City Parks and Playgrounds Commission."


  1. Maintenance of parks and road center islands
    1. Major Parks
      1. Plaza independencia
      2. Fuente Osmeña
      3. Plaza Sugbu
    2. Minor Parks
      1. Heritage Park
      2. Hamabar Park
      3. Park under the J. Luna Flyover
      4. Park under the Ayala Flyover
      5. Osmeña Shrine
    3. Road Center Islands
      1. Osmeña Avenue
      2. New Imus Road
      3. Jones Avenue
      4. N. Bacalso Avenue
      5. J. Luna Avenue
    Maintenance Includes :
    1. Trimming of trees
    2. Landscaping
    3. Bush cutting of grasses
    4. Lighting of parks
  2. Composting
  3. Propagates ornamental plants at the Nursery
  4. Other Activities
    1. Landscaping for various City hall activities
    2. Take action on requests for removal/trimming/pruning of hazardous trees along sidewalks


  1. Well-maintained parks and center islands.
  2. Landscaping requests for special gatherings as requested by various offices in City hall.
  3. Bush cutting requests from other offices.
  4. Trimming of trees that pose hazard as requested by constituents in various barangays.
  5. Clearing of Fort San Pedro playground.
  6. Clearing of fallen and hazardous trees.
  7. Restoration of Plaza Hamabar.
  8. Participates in the clean up drive such as Sinulog and coastal clean up.

Ongoing Projects

  1. Re-landscaping of the mini park under the J. Luna flyover.
  2. Landscaping of Legaspi Extension elevated center island.
  3. Re-landscaping/restoration of Heritage Park in Parian.
  4. Re-landscaping of the mini park under the BanTal flyover.



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