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The Office of the City Legal Officer was created by virtue of Ordinance No. 609 which reads “An ordinance creating the Office of the City Legal Officer in accordance with Republic Act five thousand one hundred eighty five (5185), otherwise known as the decentralization Act of 1967, and providing for the necessary appropriation for its operation, and or other purposes.  The office started in January of 1968 with an appropriated budget  for nine (9) office personnel consisting of three (3) Assistant City Attorney, one (1) researcher, three (3) stenographer and one (1) unskilled laborer all headed by then first City Attorney Nazario R. Pacquiao.

Today, the City Legal Office has grown in numbers with exactly forty (40) employees including 25 regular and 15 casual  personnels.

Below, is a compilation of the new and former lawyers who served as the City Attorney and our attempt to honor these people who have helped shape this office.  Please be informed that this list is not complete, we have already done our research and these are the only records available.


new past and present 2

-1 #1 Dan bonachita 2017-01-09 21:50
[censored]o attorney,
How will we know that somebody has sending us
A summon in our previous
Apartment they send 3 times already and we are not leaving there and they have a warrant of a rest and we are almost 2 years in abroad and now somebody is calling to our cousin house and looking for me and the attorney of the said complaint would like to talk to me what is my legal action and I don't know what is the case they complained againts me
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