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The most livable city for all.


To ensure an environmentally friendly, financially dynamic, pro-active, and self-reliant City Government. 

To have well-informed and participative barangays and communities.



The City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) is primarily concerned with the meeting the challenges of community in an ever changing and developing city through development planning.


Through collecting and updating relevant data, CPDO continually updates the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP and the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), the two major planning documents that the city has to comply with, and along with those mentioned, other planning documents as well. Other means of ensuring that the city addresses the developmental concerns are the conduct of planning related activities (i.e. public consultations, capability building, etc.) and actively performing as as secretariat and providiing technical support to the Cebu City Development Council. Collectively, these tasks are performed by the Plans and Programs Dvision. Other than that, monitoring of the existing projects and the evaluation of project proposals submitted to the office is the other function of the CPDO-Plans and Programs Division.


The Zoning Division of CPDO performs the regulatory function of the office which is to enforce the zoning ordinance. The following are the services offered by the CPDO-Zoning Division.

  1. Issuance of Locational Clearance for Building Permit Applications
  2. Issuance of Approved Variance Applicaiton
  3. Conduct of Coordinated Routine Inspection of Business Establishments
  4. Conduct of Joint Inspection for New Business Application
  5. Preparation of Technical Report for Preliminary Approval and Locational Clearance (PALC)
  6. Release of Approved PALC to the Applicant
  7. Processing of Development Permit Application (DPA) - Phase I
  8. Processing of Development Permit Applicaiton (DPA) - Phase II
  9. Issuance of Zoning Certification
  10. Acting on Complaints (illegal structures, existing/proposed RROW, business establishments within Cebu City)


The activities of the CPDO is well-supported by the Administrative Division - giving administrative support to the two other divisions of the office. The Administrative Division provides in property supporty and utilization, processing of purchase requests, vouchers, recording of incoming and outgoing communication and other personnel related administrative support services (i.e. payroll processing, leave credits and applications, etc.)

Contact Us

City Planning & Development Office

5th Floor, Executive Bldg., Cebu City Hall

Tel. Nos. (+63 32) 411 0100 loc 1511, 1512, 2301

OIC: Mr. Jose A. Guisadio