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Referrals and Committee Reports

Matters of first impression or even those already passed upon by the City Council but require a more intent study and deliberation are, as a matter of course, referred to a particular committee for further study, comments or recommendation before the Council finally acts on the same.  The referrals are either directed to a particular committee or to an office in the executive department.  It is worthy to note that a referral to a particular committee is part of the process of the passage and approval of an ordinance.

The referrals, which come in the form of a resolution, necessitates the coming up of a committee report to be made at any given session time, except those matters of urgent character, which need to be reported as soon as possible, preferably on the session immediately succeeding the one of which the matter has been referred to.

Committee reports particularly those which are made out of a referral by reason of a proposed ordinance are generally rendered in writing and signed by the majority of the members of the committee.  The significance of the committee report is emphasized by the fact that under the SP House Rules, no proposed ordinance shall be considered on second reading unless it has been reported and rendered with a committee report by the proper committee to which it was referred to.