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The Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) Secretariat Office is basically mandated to provide secretariat support to the Cebu City Council in the performance of the latter’s mandated duties and responsibilities.  As such, the Secretariat Office’s performance, and to a greater extent, its accomplishments are very much related to and intertwined with that of the Sangguniang Panlungsod, albeit not in a direct, but rather in a support role.

Service Categories

The services provided by the SP Secretariat Office may be divided into the following service categories, to wit:

1. Agenda Preparation and Production

This involves the preparation of agenda and other related documents necessary for the efficient and orderly conduct of every session.  The objective and primordial consideration is to ensure that all preparations are in order and completed on time.  Towards this end, the concerned SP staff are required to attend all sessions of the City Council to keep record of all important matters being deliberated by the council including, but not limited to, referrals, approved and pending ordinances, resolutions including those scheduled for deliberation, schedules of public hearings, appearances, etc., in order to have some sound basis in the preparation of the next agenda as to matters that need to be included therein.  Considering the weekly conduct of the Regular Session every Tuesday in this 14th Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) all matters for Agenda are being submitted on Wednesday and will then be endorsed to the SP Majority Floor Leader the same day.  In matters of Public Hearings on proposed aordinances and/or amendatory ordinances, stakeholders are being notified of schedules through publication in a local newspaper and the sending of official letters of invitation.   

2. Documentation and Minutes Production

This involves the preparation of all official documents of the City Council which invariably are the products or outputs of the sessions conducted.  The resulting vital documents that will be produced include: a) Minutes of all sessions; b) Excerpts of Minutes; c) Approved Resolutions; d) Approved Ordinances; e) Resumes; f) ACTA’s and g) Committee Reports.

The preparation of these official documents necessarily involves the conscientious proofreading and checking of grammatical errors prior to the final encoding of a particular document (resolution/ordinance/committee reports).

3. Administrative Support

This support service mainly involves the provision of backstop administrative services to the Sangguniang Panlungsod which include, but are not limited to, records management, personnel management, provision of office supplies, as well as the publication and posting of notices of public hearings, ordinances, and resolutions, among others.  The recent set-up in the procurement program of the City government, however, has made the respective offices of the City Councilors independent from the SP Secretariat Office in terms of provision and acquisition of office supplies and materials considering that each office is already required to prepare their Annual Procurement Plan (APP) which is considered and included in the overall procurement program of the City Government.

4. Equipment/Logistics Support

Equipment and other logistical requirements of the respective City Councilors' Offices are also provided by the SP Secretariat Office even as they are not precluded from making their own procurement plan and requests for actual procurement.  Incidentally, the equipment requirements that need to be attended to by the SP Secretariat Office not only includes the City Councilors' Offices but also its own office and that of the session hall, social hall, caucus room and the SP HRD which until now are still to be provided with the needed advanced technology, audio-visual and other office equipment.

5. Special Projects and Activities

Aside from the mainstream activities and responsibilities, the SP Secretariat Office also handles and implements some so-called special projects and activities which may be assigned to the office from time to time.  It may be worthy to note that considering the nature of these projects, outside expertise are tapped to extend assistance towards the completion of the projects.